The inbound dictionary in WordPress SEO

If you have been interested in the field of WordPress SEO , you have already read a few articles on the subject. What you have certainly found in most of this articles are lots of acronyms but not all of them have been clear and strait forward for you to understand. Here you have the list, that we came up with, of terms used in the field of SEO and content marketing that you will bump in frequently. You will find out what they stand for and a short explanation. Fell free to suggest any other term that you find on line to add to this list, in the comment section.

Basic term to get you going in WordPress SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. You probably already knew this one. It refers to the process of affecting visibility of a website or a web-page in Search engine queries. WordPress SEO focuses on the sites that are created on the WordPress platform.

WP – WordPress. It’s a short way of referring to this site building platform. It is frequently used in Tweets to use the fool potential of all your 140 characters.

The Squirrly dictionary to SEO acronyms

The initial terms can be found and explain in our video bellow.

B2B – Business to Business. It refers to firms that have specific products or services for other companies. It can also refer to the transactions between the business organizations.

B2C- Business to Consumer. This describes the marketing strategy of a company to sell it’s product directly to the end consumer.

CR- Conversion Rate. It measures how many of the visitors to your site actually do the action you want them to do. For a business this might mean buying products, or subscribing for a free trial. Basically it’s the percentage of readers that become clients.

CTA-Call to Action. It’s one of the most important elements in getting the best WordPress SEO. It refers to a message, sometimes integrated in your blog post, that determines the audience to do a specific action. Depending on the site and organization this can be subscribing for information, donating money or buying a product.

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KPI- Key Performance Indicators. As the name says they are goals that your WordPress SEO approach should accomplish. You can also use them to analyse the performance of any element of your strategy in reference to the end result you want to get to.

ROI- Return on Investment. How do you know if the nuts you put in the grown, grew trees out of them? Well the ROI tells you if the funds you put in were used wisely or not.

RSS- Rich Site Summary. You can find our RSS button on the right side above the Recent Posts. It uses a standard web feed format to give the subscribers recently updated information like blog posts or videos. The document contains headlines, summaries, metadata, author info.

SEM- Search Engine Marketing. It’s what most people use WordPress SEO principles for. This is the strategy where you create your action plan based on SEO concepts.

SERP- Search engine results page. Basically each query you make on Google is made up of SERPs.

SMM- Social Media Marketing. The strategy includes using platforms like Google+, Facebook , Twitter or many more, to promote your brand and bring new clients to the company.

Got an unknown acronym ?

Can’t wait for your suggestions of acronyms I should put into the Squirrly Dictionary. If you know what they mean or just bumped into them on the internet, feel free to let me know in the comment section. Meanwhile you can learn more about how to use all this concepts for better WordPress SEO plugin by subscribing to our free couching session.