The key players in Squirrly community

13 Mar 2014
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015

A key part of our marketing strategy is figuring out how to build and engage the Squirrly fan base. We thought of many ideas, but only one really stuck with us. It’s about of one of the best ways to do this, by rewarding our audience for becoming and staying fans.

Squirrly’s Fan of the Week

Every week, a fan of the week is chosen. Till now we have 32 special fans, but don’t worry, we are sure you can be one of them too.

These fans are key players in our community and they should be appreciated. We build them a special card with their name, a photo and a short description about them or their business. Then, every Monday, this card is shared with them and the entire community on our social communities. You can see them on our Facebook Page.

Now we have even the print edition of Squirrly’s fan of the week.


We loved to make them feel very special, because they really are and they are very important to us.