The online and offline WordPress SEO workplace

05 Mar 2014
| Last update: 06 Apr 2017
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Our WordPress SEO work is hard. Creating original valuable content on a regular basis is not quite the easiest of all tasks. And let’s not forget, that is not all.

You need for your content to rank high in SERPs and to keep an eye open for what people might be saying about your work on Social Media. So, from this point of view, you need a workplace which is both organized and inspiring.

But today, due to all the mobile devices we have, you can work from anywhere. Taking this into consideration, I will talk today about the two very different workplaces we all have in the WordPress SEO world.

The online WordPress SEO office

Our work isn’t in a physical plane, it’s more of a magical work. Ok, I might have exaggerated a bit there, we aren’t Doctor Who living in a device outside space and time.

But with all the work we do, which can be found on the internet, all the devices we need, like computers, phones or Ipads to get to it, we have to admit that our type of work is different from the usual 8-hour full-time job.

First and foremost, a part of our online office is the Dashboard. It’s where we come and create our most precious pieces of content. And we need to create an environment here that is WordPress SEO friendly so that our workflow won’t be disturbed.

From this point of view, I recommend you to install an SEO plugin that will help you make your work more time efficient. It will also help you in making sure that you have given your best in getting the best ranking.

But in the WordPress SEO field, we also need to promote articles in social media. From this point of view, we all need a social media management tool, for example, Builder. This will help you keep your online office space more organized and so your work will get done next to no time.

Another important thing you need to your online office is an Automation tool. For example IFTTT; although there are many other out there. This application makes every aspect of Social media seem faster and simpler.

It’s like having an army of minions to whom you set some specific tasks and each time you complete one thing on social media they cover the rest. As it is shown in the image below.

These are a few things you need in your online WordPress Seo Office just to keep you productive. Inspiring quotes and cute pictures might bring motivation and relaxation in those hard moments when you need them most.

The offline office

The real office in your life is just as important as the one online. Whether you work from home, have your own office or share one, this rule still applies.

You still need to make sure that you get your work done each day. You should also keep in mind ways in which to make sure that you are able to keep coming back to your WordPress SEO work.

Human interaction is important in any work you do. You might not want people to interrupt you while you are writing an important email, but you should, however, take your time to talk with your colleagues.

And make sure it’s face to face. It is more valuable to your motivation and psychic performance for that day. What’s more, make sure that people know that they can give you feedback. You are working together to accomplish the same goals, so their input is always important.

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Sticky notes are an office’s best friend. Evernote is getting more and more popular because the real sticky notes are a great way of keeping track of all the things you want to do.

You can create a panel to keep track of all your KPI (key performance indicators) just by using a sticky note and a clear wall. I personally enjoy them and use them a lot because they come in multifarious colors and I can keep track of different activities.

They come in different shapes and sizes. I always use the small ones to put comments on books or just find a page quicker.

Have a comfortable chair and sit on it straight. Make sure you drink enough water and take breaks from time to time. All of this should be integrated in your office.

Turn a small part of your office into a comfortable relaxing space. It will remind you to take a break from time to time.

It will also help you socialize better with your fellow WordPress SEO,  provided you have a space dedicated to it. It’s important to make sure that you can give your best in the long run.

There should always be a connection between the two offices, so they work together nicely and compliment one another.  The online and offline WordPress SEO office will help you be creative and get the best work done.