The Rules of content applied for achieving the best SEO

08 Nov 2013
| Last update: 11 Apr 2017
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Content is not something strictly connected to the online companies that strive to achieve the best SEO. We have had content since the first proper discussion between two human beings. (Hmm I do think that one’s topic was weather or food). Then content evolved through time but some essential elements have remained the same. Humans have always appreciated information that was of value to them, that solved a problem. They wanted it to be interestingly presented and become more in more involved in it.

How internet changed content

How I explained in an older article, in the past we called all content creators, artist. Whether they wrote, create or interpreted music, they used the same principles that content marketers use today in their work for obtaining the best SEO. There are 3 main concepts that made them be successfully at what they do. And don’t think they are any different for marketers because, artists try to sell products too.

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We are starting with this concept because it is most needed at the start of any creation. You need to listen, read and understand not just the field in which you create content but also the audience, if you’ll ever reach the best SEO with your site. You might not agree with the expert in the niche, or even with your readers. You might not agree with anyone in the industry, but you still have to know what they are saying in order to explain your opinion in terms and at level they will understand it. Put in this effort or they will dismiss you after reading the first phrase. That will sky-rocket your bounce rate and will take you further from your best SEO strategy.

There is also a second reason for which listening is an important part of the content creation process. Great listeners never run out of content. As Marcus Sheridan clearly presents it in his 33 laws of Content Marketing, the authors that take the time to research and be up to date never run out of topics. This makes it easier to post frequently on your blog and get closer to the best SEO of your site. Stay relevant and also be useful. If you do understand and listen to the people that consume your content, then make sure you are helpful to them.

Teaching, while keeping the best SEO in mind

This brings us to our second aspect of good content creation. Across time the leaders of small societies, most of the time have been priest or teachers. The community respected and trusted this figures because they were able to teach them new and valuable things. That has not changed nowadays. The experts of each field are actually opinion leaders, that explain and teach concepts to their audience.

Most people when searching online, type question directly in the search engine. Integrate those “How to” in your strategy towards the best SEO by answering their questions. You can either include the answer on your FAQ page or simply create a post with a question as the title. That will not just be great for your Search Engine Ranking but your readers will appreciate you more for offering them the help they need, without even asking.


As most of you have heard, the Human species is a social one. We have the inner longing of finding other individuals to communicate with. We desired that connection, long before the internet was invented. What this means of communication offers is a more simple way of engaging with the content creator. We surf the internet for exchanging experiences, more than reading facts. This is the main reason why opening the door toward conversion in your comment section will bring you one step closer to the best SEO goals you want to achieve.

Social media sites are giving you a helping hand on this part, if you use them right. Based on everyone’s interests and group of friends, they filter the none-important issues, so the conversations that each one of us wants to be part of, will be closer. As Google understands this aspect, you have to factor in, your social media activity into the overall plan, that gets you to the best SEO. Make your entries have more of a solution-problem approach. If you don’t have the answer, open up a debate. People appreciate honesty and love to mingle.

Your own adventure, your unique story

Keep in mind what Marcus Sheridan stated in his own article: Content marketing success is a journey, not a destination. Even if achieving the best SEO is part of the internet game, creating content is something that has been with us since the creation of language. The rules are the same. You still write for Humans. And in order to concentrate your energy on solving your communities problems but keep your SEO status, you can try out Squirrly for free trial and then decide if you want to use it in optimizing all your content.

Do you take in consideration any other aspects when creating the best SEO? The comment section awaits.