The Squirrly Houses: Owlwitch House

04 Feb 2014
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015

I suppose you already know about the Houses at Squirrly: Spitfire, Evergreens and Owlwitch. Today, I want to share you my House Story. Soon, the others houses will do the same. In this way, you can know us better, even behind our houses. You can support the house you like it most 🙂

The Owlwitch House


The Owlwitch House is founded by Cristina, the HeadMaster and me. We are really happy to collaborate together this year.

The name of our house was chose by Cristina. I really like it, especially that I’m a big fan of Harry Potter. Don’t worry, we are not bad witchies. We are quite nice and fun 🙂

Anyway, our House Story is a special one. Maybe you don’t know, but we are sisters. When we were very young, somewhere to 14-16 years old we got a parrot. Our first parrot. It was green and so beautiful, actually handsome, because it was a male. We love him so much, that we decided to buy another parrot. So we had a parrot couple. After 2-3 years, we decided to buy two parrots more. Do you know why? Because they are so cute! They are fluffy, sometimes they make mess but they are too cute and fun. It was really fun to have 4 parrots flying in your room. But what was really special to them, it was that they loved us too. Coco was my morning alarm, Cici, the room explorer, Yuki, the gardener and Titi was the evil one (hee hee). Almost every time he had something to argue with the other parrots, but they got along very well 🙂

Anyway, having 4 parrots was real special for us. When some of us were upset they knew it and they started to listen to us and sometimes, Coco started to sing. They were like a renewal energy for us. Today, unfortunately they are gone, but they will live in our hearts for ever.

So, because we loved our parrots so much, we decided to have our house animal a bird. Because we adopt the Harry Potter Houses and Points System, we decided to keep the theme, and we chose the owl. And because we are girls, we decided to be witches. So we are Owlwitch.