The value buying articles for your blog can bring to your business

13 Mar 2015
| Last update: 02 Jun 2020

Most of the time, when I find the website of a new company, I want to see whether they have a blog or not. I don’t know if this is a new habit now that I’m interested in content marketing (more than others maybe), but it’s like a reflex. For me, a blog is an important part of establishing a relationship with your clients/customers. So why not invest in buying articles?

Is Buying Articles a Good Idea?

buying articlesPhoto Credits: Paul L Dineen‘s Flickr

Yes, it is, and I will tell you why. Let’s say that you started a startup, and, as a CEO, you don’t have that much time on your side to run a blog for your business as well. At the same time, you still want to provide value to your potential customers, and show them that you care about them, and that you are willing to teach them something new every day. If you decide to buy articles, you will save time, and you will also have the certainty that someone passionate will do an amazing job at creating valuable content for your blog.

On the other hand, if you’ve been running a business for a while now, and you’ve never thought about buying articles, then this can be the special ingredient that can differentiate your business from all the similar ones out there.

Buying content is the best thing you can do to maximize the engagement between you and your customers, bringing them value, making them worth their while, and establishing a long term relationship.

Content has the potential of converting a visitor into a customer

As I was saying, if I see that a company has a blog on which it publishes content constantly, I will definitely browse through their articles, and see whether they can provide me any value, or if I there’s something I can learn from them. They can still have a blog on which they publish regularly, but the content doesn’t necessarily have to be good. Either way, I can tell almost immediately if the company is worth my time or not. And you can, too.

Think about this for a moment. If the content is engaging, people will obviously spend more time on your company’s website. And if they do that, there will be higher chances that they’ll be interested in your products/services. And that’s what you ultimately want, right? To turn your visitors into customers.

Another important aspect about content is that it makes you an expert in your field. Even if you don’t have time to write your own content, there are still plenty of writers or agencies out there, happy to provide their content writing services.

Standing out with a blog that provides quality content

buying articles

Providing content for your potential customers can be a decisive factor between you and the competition. Because today, time is passing so fast that we forget to just be, buying articles is the best thing you can do for your business, time-wise and money-wise.

Check out Squirrly’s store to see what we have to offer in terms of content writing services. If you ever decide you need some awesome content for your blog, feel free to contact us.

Now tell us, what are your experiences with content writing services (if you have had any)? Would you be interested in them?


  • Jacky

    March 20, 2015 at 10:17 AM

    Love the writing style! Stalked you all the way from G+.
    I do have a question though, what is the difference, in your opinion, between buying an article and hiring a freelance writer?

    • Ana Darstaru

      March 20, 2015 at 10:53 AM

      Hey Jacky!

      Thank you for stalking me (really)! That’s a very good question. Working with an agency, and hiring a freelance writer are very different things. Now that I think about it, I should write an article about this.
      Back to your question. I believe that the main difference is the quality you receive. At Squirrly, when we work with a client, we focus on writing content for a specific buyer persona, we choose the right keywords for the articles, and we insert call to actions desired by our client in a native way.
      We also establish a relationship with our clients, and we help them create the best strategy for their content. We put a lot of effort into making our clients happy, and achieve success.
      Of course, the differences don’t end here.
      Let me know if you’d like to see an article more detailed about these differences, or if you have any more questions.