Using the inner workings of future search for better WordPress SEO

16 Oct 2013
| Last update: 11 Apr 2017
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As we are familiar now, each year Moz’s Search Engine Ranking Factors Survey is presented. While browsing the statics and understanding the factors I realised that for better WordPress SEO, the Squirrly plugin has simplified lots of the information presented there.

Getting in Google’s good graces, and even keeping that status, takes lots of hard SEO work. When Google factors in about 200 different elements it’s pretty hard to keep track of how each and everyone of them is doing on your site. And then if your micro-managing on every page.

Moz’s Survey gives us specific information about what 100 search engine professionals believe is the main focus for high ranking. This data helps especially when you are a new site that needs to focus on WordPress SEO. They give you clear conclusions and the industries trends for reaching the first page in searches for your keywords.

How Squirrly Live SEO assistant solves a whole chapter of issues

As you can see in the graphic bellow for achieving the best WordPress SEO for your site we need to focus on each page. The elements at page level keyword usage are actually covered by the actions the live SEO assistant feature of Squirrly plugin.

It’s not hard to do all this elements on your own, but the benefit of using our plugin is that you never forget to ensure that each and every one of your on-page seo elements are taken care of. The first two most important aspects of this part of the survey results are actually the first key triggers that give green labels in Squirrly so you can achieve WordPress SeoAs you can see, if you are already ussig the plugin, 9 of the 11 factors are found in the right side of your article each time you are typing one. But let’s not forget that we also take into consideration other factors as well.

Covering each Chapter for WordPress SEO

All though we talked about the part where our plugin helps you the most, they are not the only issues presented in the 2013 Surveys Results that Squirrly is connected to. The Page Level Social Metrics have shown (unsurprisingly) that the Seo professionals believe Google cares more about it’s own Social Media platform than any other. In their opinion the difference is not that great between G+ and Twitter or Facebook but there is a clear winner.

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For achieving better WordPress Seo you should actually track the activity of your site. In this case the Squirrly article rank not only helps you find out how many direct shares you have on each page but the overall results are compared to the total social media ranking of your site. In the feature you also find out if each article has been Google indexed. Knowing the current and also the last 30 days evolution of each page can help you decide the next steps in your SEO strategy. The number of visitor and unique ones are compared in a small graphic detailed on days. That data can help you realise quickly how well your content is actually doing.

Even if it’s not directly connected to the Moz’s Survey Results, the keyword research tool is important in achieving the WordPress Seo target you have chosen for your site. You might do everything right in social media and on page keyword usage but it’s all for nothing if you focus on the wrong keyword.


The Moz’s Survey Results represent one of the key data that you should give a close read. Keeping up with all the trends in the industry might be hard but it will give you and overlook of what you should put more energy into for more unique visitors to your pages. The great thing is that you have the Squirrly plugin for WordPress Seo that helps you achieve most of the aspects pointed out even by industries professionals.