How to Improve Visual Content Marketing for Your Business

11 Jul 2015
| Last update: 02 Jun 2020

Are you tired of putting tremendous amounts of time and effort into creating valuable content, only for it to generate very little traffic for your landing or home page? You’re not alone in this struggle. Business owners worldwide fail to market their ideas properly because they barely focus on visual content marketing.

visual content marketing

“What’s that?” You might start asking yourself. Well, it’s all about creating quality content that is optimized for both search engines and human readers, but also focusing on the visual aspect at the same time. You might not know this, but visual content is actually a pretty big thing in 2015. There are also general rules you need to consider:

  • Content needs to blend in with its surroundings. It shouldn’t come across as an ad, otherwise it will disrupt the experience and enjoyment of the user.
  • Visual content marketing is all about offering content that is easy to scan. Keep in mind readers nowadays don't have a very big attention span. Click To Tweet
  • You need to be able to adapt the content you offer, ensuring it caters to various needs across different social media platforms.

So how can you improve your visual content marketing strategy to ensure it will be met with success? Here are some tips to take into consideration:

Incorporating videos is a must.

If your marketing strategy isn’t focused on putting out a lot of video content, then you’re doing it wrong. According to recent statistics, video is the most efficient medium when it comes to increasing conversion rates.

It just works great because a video is more likely to engage your audience than a wall of text. Click To Tweet

Whether you use seven second videos, video reviews or video ads, you are sure to double your client base in no time.

Embedded Calls-to-Action are a natural part of a successful visual content marketing strategy.

CTAs yield fantastic results when done right. They are a great way of engaging your audience, so embedding them in your social media posts should come first on your to-do list. This will draw more potential clients in because you are actually offering them something useful. Not sure how to properly mix CTAs and social media posts? No need to worry. Just check out this quick tutorial.

You can actually let your audience pick up some of the slack.

visual content marketing

According to visual content marketing experts, you can even crowdsource the content creation process to your audience, provided you do it the right way. Take various businesses that design clothes for example. Many of them have offered their clients giveaways and exclusive deals if they posted and shared photos of themselves wearing clothes designed by the business in question across social media platforms.

This is a great business practice because it shows the world you have a passionate and devoted community who will gladly advertise your products and services. Brainstorm a great offer, present it to your audience, see how they react and encourage them to share it over the web. You are guaranteed to see results.

Adapt your content to each social media platform you use.

If you want to improve your visual content marketing, then customize it. Use custom-made tweets that incorporate images for Twitter and long, engaging posts for Facebook. It’s all about finding the right format for each social media website.

See how your audience engages with other people to gain better insight. Click To Tweet

Remember to always focus on a visual content marketing strategy that provides quality. Making a video or adding images is useless if they have nothing important to offer. You might think that writing engaging content has to be hard and time-consuming, but you would be wrong. Put in enough effort at the beginning and writing quality content will become something you do out of instinct and reflex. Not sure what you need to start improving upon?

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