[ WATCH ] There is a New Squirrly! See Why People Love the 2021 Updates from Squirrly  

05 Aug 2021
| Last update: 10 Aug 2021

Squirrly SEO 2021 was upgraded for you in the beginning of the year.

And it kept being upgraded ever since.

According to the payment plan you’re on (Free, PRO, Business, Agency, Web Dev Kit, Old Squirrly), you have received upgrades for all features included in your purchased plan.

Here you can see the Developer Updates video where I will walk you through the amazing changes from the new Squirrly SEO 2021.

These updates are designed to please Google so that it will rank WordPress higher in the future.

Hit PLAY to watch the VIDEO and learn all about the exciting updates inside Squirrly SEO right now – and find out how these updates will impact your website rank and conversion rates in the future.

2021 is the Year of Squirrly SEO

That’s pretty clear if you start watching the video. Also, we’ve done many updates to our other products:

  • RankJumps
  • Education Cloud PLUS
  • Squirrly Social
  • Learning Solutions
  • Shopify App
  • Cloud App (the SaaS side of Squirrly SEO)
  • Website Analysis Plugin
  • Content Marketing Game
  • SEO Guessing Game

And we have a lot more planned for the second half of 2021.

Here’s why people love the 2021 updates from Squirrly.

❤️ Aliff loves Squirrly because it takes the guesswork out of WordPress SEO



❤️ Kyle loves it because it gives him actionable insights and a step-by-step plan 


❤️ Marius loves it because it helps even SEO newbies achieve great results


❤️Jitin loves it because it enables him to learn more about how SEO really works


^^ Discover more about how YOU can start making the most out of this feature from Squirrly. 

Using Next SEO Goals will help you create a more effective workflow – enabling you to save precious hours by focusing on the right SEO tasks – at the best time.

Check out our comprehensive guide to learn more about this feature from Squirrly today.