Welcome Into a Brand New Year with Us

01 Jan 2019
| Last update: 19 Apr 2019

You are awesome! To welcome you into a brand new year with us, I bear gifts:

You are wonderful and it makes me really happy to see that you’re with us for 2019.

Last year, you’ve helped us achieve so many great things (Squirrly SEO 2018: Briefcase, Squirrly Social, Alpha release of Squirrly SEO 2019, DMSuperStars, Squirrly SEO for Shopify, ContentLook), that we must give you some goodies in return:

  • Starbox – the Author Box for Humans
  • Ultimate Edition of the Website Analysis Plugin (this is Premium. For you, it’s free)
  • Keywords that Your Competitors Use
  • Education Cloud

All of these have been updated and some even re-designed for you for 2019.

1) With Starbox, you’ll be able to make the authors on your blog shine like stars. It’s a great tool for personal branding. The website was just updated over the last few days. Totally worth checking out and redeeming your free copy. There’s a lot you can do on the free edition.

2) Website Analysis Plugin – it’s the best thing you can have inside your WordPress to check that all your SEO stats for every single page are in order: from optimization scores to Loading Speed.

The Ultimate Edition is what you’re getting from this email… and this email only. Because the Ultimate Edition is the premium version of the plugin. However, you can’t buy it anywhere on the web. You can’t download it anywhere else.

It’s only here. Only for you.

3) Keywords that Your Competitors Use.

We’ve recently made a silent release of Squirrly SPY – the best tool for SEO competitor analysis.

To showcase some of it’s power, we’ve sent two hundred reports already to people who brought us new members inside our DMSuperStars community.

Oh, yeah, and to top that up, their friends also received free reports with keywords from their competitors.

If you know you’ve got competitors who are really getting a lot of search engine traffic, it’s 100% worth checking out what keywords they are using.

You can get that for free if you invite people into our DMSuperStars community (and if they join, of course). You just need one of them to join, so that both of you get the report.

Go here and start.

4) Education Cloud

All of the latest lessons in all of the modules have been added !!!

This is a major update to our learning platform, because you’re getting access to many amazing lessons. About 6 modules, with 8 lessons each.

Your gateway to Education Cloud.

Okay, enjoy the gifts I’ve just sent you and get ready for an amazing year together.