What are you searching for in a WordPress SEO plugin ?

This week I started asking myself what are people actually looking in a WordPress SEO plugin. In the years spend in classes at University to become a great engineer I found out that the best answer to these kind of questions is “It depends.”. And it’s true. I am going to explain in the next lines why and how.

It depends on who you are

There are many types of people that use at least one WordPress SEO plugin on their site. Each of them is more focused on parts of the whole optimization process and depending on that, you are searching for different things in the plugin you are using. For example in the case of web master, most likely they’ll be interested in a plugin that will help them with the robot file or the DcPublisher Meta.

But I want to focus on the content creator and bloggers a little bit more. Your information on why a WordPress SEO plugin is needed and how it works is a bit less than that of web master’s. Still you want to achieve the same goals, to have high ranking sites on Google’s SERPs. What you might be searching is something that will help you with the on-page SEO which you can handle in the content creation process.

The truth is that it’s a pain to reread your articles to find out if the keyword you choose is repeated enough times, or maybe to many. And are you certain it’s the right keyword? A WordPress SEO plugin that could do that for you would be great. The awesome thing is that there is and it does even more then that for the content creation process. It checks for the basic SEO of your article, does a keyword research and it doesn’t let you forget about optimizing your images. It’s called Squirrly, try it out.

It depends on what you want to do with your site

If your a small shop what you most likely want to do with your site is to create it as an online shop.  How shipping through the internet is much more easier it will help you expend how many clients you have. What a SEO plugin can do in that case is help you build the product pages so you don’t create duplicates. A plugin that can tell you that or help have a quick look into your site on the same keyword is totally helpful.

wordpress seo plugin for bloggers

In the case of a small lawyer office you’d want to be up to date with all the changes that occur and the cases that are highly discussed. Of course you’d need to quote sources of information. What would come in handy is a WordPress SEO plugin that will help in that process. Rather than searching the web and copy pasting all the information you need and making sure that each source is rightly added, it could do it for you. Just insert. Well there is a product that thought about that.  It’s called Squirrly, try it out.

What is the best WordPress SEO plugin for you ?

There has never been one product to fit them all. Even the one size fits all clothing looks bad on most. Why? Because we all have different needs and desires. Even so we have things in common as groups. And when it comes to SEO, what bloggers, content writers, small business owners, content marketers and strategies want is a WordPress SEO plugin that makes everything easier.

You don’t need to know how everything works. You want specific answers to your problems and you want to be able to use it day in and day out without having to spend hours on reading user manuals. You don’t want it to take time to “get used to” the new WordPress SEO plugin or pay someone to do it for you. You want to get it straight away. There is something like this.  It’s called Squirrly, try it out.

Are there any things that you are searching for in WordPress SEO plugin? Let me know in the comment section.

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