Why We Love Content Marketing (and You Should, Too!)

Content Marketing Boosts Your Bottom Line!

Today, content doesn’t just consist of words in an article. Content can be videos, images, infographics, slide shows, and animation.  It is the basis of your brand. It’s not just about getting the basic product information out. With content, you can tell a story, generate excitement, evoke emotion, pinpoint problems potential clients face, and create products that address the issue. Content marketing is about leading the reader to trust you so that you can lead them into your sales funnel and convert them into paying customers.

How It Works


content marketing

It all begins here. Before anything else, you need to establish authority and trust with your potential clients. Every piece of content should be aimed at reinforcing your expertise and leading them to really, truly believe that you have what they need to help their business.

To do this, you must know exactly what it is that your audience needs. Many times, they don’t know what they need, until you present it. However, the biggest clues to finding this information is from engagement. Whether it’s through article comments, or personal emails, engage with your audience so that you can build your brand around what will benefit them the most.

Branding should encompass a combination of articles, images, quotes, videos, slideshows, and infographics.


A potential customer is going to give you their attention when you say something they can directly relate to. The most powerful way of doing this is by introducing a story that presents both a problem and a solution. Content marketing involves a skilled ability to capture the reader’s interest, maintain it, solve a problem, and leave them wanting more from you.

Telling stories that resonate with your audience is a powerful way of getting their undivided attention. You keep it by presenting a problem and a solution that’s relevant to them. This also establishes trust. At the same time, while you solve their problem, effective content marketing leaves the door open so that it leads to more questions, other problems, or wording that makes them almost desperate for more.


At this point, the reader is impressed with your knowledge and they’re primed for more. This is where you incorporate a call to action, inviting them to subscribe to your mailing list. Once they’ve signed up, you’ve entered them into the very beginning of your sales funnel.

Don’t forget, you also will need premium email campaigns that build a relationship with them so that you can gradually lead them into purchasing a ‘trip-wire’ product…which is a low cost, high value product to complete the conversion from subscriber to buyer.


content marketing

Once a customer makes their first purchase, the likelihood of them making a second is high because you’ve already established trust. By continuing effective articles, you will be able to offer more products that are upgrades, solve an entirely new problem, or provide a new product that compliments the initial one they purchased.

This completely boosts your bottom line! This is why we love content marketing…and why you should, too!

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