WooCommerce Quick SEO Plugin by Squirrly to be completely retired from the WordPress Directory

I know how much many of you relied on the WooCommerce SEO plugin from the Squirrly Company.

WordPress closing plugins and working against developers who made them successful as a CMS.

The plugin has been an important part of the Squirrly family of products and has been around since 2018. WordPress and Automattic have their own agendas, though. Developers always have to suffer at the hands of their shady and non-responsive change of minds.

Our plugin has always been approved and vetted by their moderators and there has never been a problem until one day when WP decided to ban all plugins that were using “WooCommerce” in their names… even though it was best practice mentioned by their people that developers should show in the titles if products are built to enhance WooCommerce.

Earlier this year they suddenly closed our WooCommerce Quick SEO Plugin by Squirrly on the WP directory and we’ve trying very hard to get explanations from them, on behalf of our community of users. They haven’t replied and when they did it was only to waste our time and throw us on the wrong development paths, all the while promising us that we can get it back on.

We’ve had the same problem for our Website Analysis Plugin by Squirrly:
WP directory doesn’t want it back because the name was: Posts Plugin Analysis for Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. All of a sudden we weren’t allowed to use that name, but WP still refuses to get it back on the dir.

That plugin was on the WP directory since 2016 and got yearly checks by the WordPress team !!! All of a sudden, in 2019 they said:

“This plugin has been closed as of September 25, 2019 and is not available for download. Reason: Licensing/Trademark Violation”

We did our best this year to bring both plugins back to the WordPress directory, but it’s no longer a possibility and we asked them to completely close the listings and take them down… a request which was also ignored, because they just don’t care.

What to do next if you still need a great plugin for your WooCommerce Stores?

Luckily, a big company like Squirrly which has 17 different SaaS and products is in no shortage of good things to offer:

  • we recommend you install the free version of Squirrly SEO
  • it’s SaaS + plugin, so the plugin side is extremely lightweight and the heavy processing is done on OUR servers, not yours.
  • in 2021 we made 4x Update Packs geared towards WooCommerce, so you will find very advanced features for WooCommerce SEO that were never available in the WooCommerce Quick SEO Plugin we’ve offered
  • The Free version of Squirrly SEO covers all the on-page SEO Settings you need for WooCommerce … for free.
  • Get the free version by inserting the URL to your WooCommerce store.

If you want something that’s extremely similar to how our WooCommerce Quick SEO plugin was made:

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