Your Hardships as a Content Writer and How To Make Life Easy Again

04 Dec 2013
| Last update: 10 Apr 2017

You’re a content writer. You know that because the only teas you like are either green or black, both with high concentrations of caffeine. You find yourself often drinking coffee after 6 PM, which even turns into a guilty pleasure at one point.

They all tell you that “content is king“, or that “the way to be a successful content writer is to create a lot of great content”. Well, with all the updates from Search Engines (yup, especially Google), keeping your content updated and writing a lot of content is really important. When you consider all the new engaging articles you have to post to social media sites, your brain starts to pump up way too much blood, and after a short period of being overwhelmed by your thoughts of: “it shouldn’t be this way. One shouldn’t have to push out so much content”, or “it’s better to have quality content”, your brain gets exhausted.

And you fall silent. Eyelids are trying to close near that screen. It’s like they’re trying to crush into your skull, and the brain activity goes numb.

They can’t close. Not now. Not when you have even more content to prepare for your online business.

By now, with the course about optimizing content for search engines and then the course about optimizing content for Humans, you feel that you’ve managed to go over the times when you just wrote random content and hoped for the best. Now you’ve seen from the results of other writers who use Squirrly that content optimization brings on average +285% more readers to the content you write. So it’s better than before.

But still, what do you do about Idea Generation for the new content you have to prepare?

I like you a lot. And I’m proud to have you as a student who’s taking my classes and learning from them. That’s why you will receive in the following lessons a lot of great know-how on finding great ideas for new content. We’ll cover such topics as:

1) Idea Generation

2) Productivity tips for the Content Writer (because when you start having too many ideas from the first part of the course, you’ll become unproductive. Here’s my way to help you cope with all the new ideas you’ll be getting)

3) Story Arch concepts used by some of the world’s biggest content businesses: DC and Marvel.

4) Hacking Quora and other Q&A Sites to source content ideas from huge crowds.


Go take a bottle of wine and pour a glass of that fascinating ruby-red liquid. I’m doing the same thing right now.

Here’s a toast to you. The Content Writer. The over-worked artist.

Your hardships with idea generation will soon be over. Keep your eyes on the inbox. The new lessons will arrive 2 days from now.

Best regards,
Florin Muresan
CEO of Squirrly
Fellow Content Writer 🙂



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