Your personal tone in on page SEO

08 Oct 2013
| Last update: 13 Apr 2017
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As I promised in the previous article “Content writing for the squirrels you sell to”, I will continue by talking today about your companies tone and your brands voice, and how on page seo can help you better approach it.

Most of you have heard that communication is only 7 percent verbal and 93 percent non-verbal. The non-verbal component was made up of body language (55 percent) and tone of voice (38 percent). In blogging we can’t actualy use body language, only if we spice things up with videos. But the tone of voice is something that is still important.

Even if you never thought about it until now your company has a set of values and it’s own voice and tone through the articles you have wrote. This is one of the key principle that ties in all your articles.

Elements that express your voice

There are many elements on your site that represent the same tone of voice of your company. From the page design, the firms logo down to every word you use, but we will focus today on the parts that on page seo can bring a clear helping paw. The content you use in your article is written with a certain personality. Think about the way people describe your company, that should be the same as the tone of voice you have. If people think you are a helpful squirrel that creates valuable content about on page Seo, then your tone should be relaxed, friendly and helpful.

In on page seo knowing and understanding your voice is important because people will remember the way you talked to them and what you told them but not necessary your name and logo, especially if you are a fresh company. You should optimize your articles for things that are important to your field of expertise but also that are values of your company and integrate them in your articles.

Consistency in everything you write

Even if you are the only one creating content for your company or you are a group of people, the business should have only one voice. A clear way of writing, that connects all the articles and images used in your blog is the important part here. This will make you more credible and seem more sure of what your company is (and isn’t).

Think about Coca-Cola and Pepsi . They both produce and sell beverages but their message and tone of voice is very different. Coca-Cola promotes sharing, family values and worldwide diversity, while Pepsi is a brand that focuses more on living in the moment, being young and listen to the latest hits in pop music.

on page seo

On page Seo is useful to keep that red tread all across the way if you keep a clear list of keywords you and your team use in all your content. The attitude should be the same in what concerns the specific problems in your field. The debates between the members of your team on any aspect should be kept away from your official page.

Another useful idea to keep your team on the same tone is to make the name of your company a word you play with. Just like we do with Squirrely here, and makes us put a little fun in every post. (Of course this doesn’t work very well when it comes to serious brands).

Don’t leave your squirrely voice exclusive to on page seo

The tone of voice that you express (with your graphical elements and audio files too) should be the same on all your social media accounts.

Yes, you’re going to adapt to the social media platform. With twitter’s hash-tags and 140 characters, Facebook’s likes and shares, but keep true to your brand. It doesn’t matter how small your business is, if you are using content marketing to promote it it will become a storyteller and a brand. In essence a brand is a recognizable name that stands for something specific. Being small means that you have a smaller number of people that recognize you (right now), but you should still have a personality and a message you stand for.

In on page seo your message shouldn’t be just about your product but rather the values that product stands for. Also the core beliefs that make you and your team achieve more milestones each day, are part of the personality and tone of your brand.

What makes you unique ?

You might be doing something that any other 100 firms are doing, but YOU do it in your own way. Promote that in everything you do and especially write. Identifying what makes you different from the other 99 companies is what will help in better understanding who are your clients and present as your audience. The tone of voice will be the key element to connecting your product to your content and your companies ad campaigns.

Once you determine the true voice of your soon-to-become-brand, understanding your audience, find topics and even motivating your team will become more facile. That’s because the tone will be the values you live and breath, and eventually write using Squirrly for your on page SEO.