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Access a huge library of beautiful MEDIA ASSETS to use in blog articles, emails, social media – and anywhere else you might be talking about our products.

Promote Squirrly products quickly and maximize your commissions.

High-converting marketing assets. 

Videos showing our products in action.  

Pre-designed graphics and banners. 

Information-rich brand books.

High-resolution images and logos. 

Easily downloadable and free for you to use. 

Product Images

Want some examples to use when mentioning Squirrly Products and features?

There are many screenshots and creative images that showcase the main features of our Products ready for you to download. 

Click on the links below to check them out:


Did you know that people spend 2.6x as much time on pages with video as they do on pages without?

Use our videos to easily showcase Squirrly features in action and increase engagement for your articles.

Simply embedded them in your articles or share them on social media. Told you it was easy!

Click on the icons below to view them:


Get good-looking images showcasing powerful testimonials from happy Squirrly customers and industry influencers like Neil Patel and Brian Dean. 

Place them inside your emails, blog posts, or share them on your social media when mentioning Squirrly products to promote them in convincing fashion and earn more money. 

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Choose from beautifully-designed banners in different sizes and formats to get those clicks.

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Squirrly Mascot Images

Our mascot has evolved alongside us since the very start. The easiest way to add some Squirrly mojo to your articles and showcase that Squirrly spirit is to use one of these unique graphics.  

Perfect for creative content that stands out from the rest.

Company/ Product Logos

Use our official logos when referring to our products and company. Conveniently-ready in different formats, with different backgrounds and sizes, so that you can choose whichever suits your layout best.

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Squirrly Team Photos

Squirrly is a company powered by Humans. 

Want to write about how awesome we are?😅Make your writing come to life with photos that show the people behind the brand. 

SEO House

Add more flair to the marketing materials you create. Use the graphics within the SEO house folder to create on-brand marketing assets that won’t go unnoticed.   

Also great when used as background images.

Product Highlights

Access well-structured, highly-visual guides to get to the core of our products – faster.

Learn more about each product’s design technicalities, target audience, mission, and other details that will help you effectively sell it. 

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Stats and Facts

Add interesting stats and cool-looking graphics when talking about Squirrly products to tell impactful, data-powered stories, and drive your point home.

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