My favorite online marketing tools

My favorite online marketing tools

23 May 2014
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015
Alexandra Nicola

Alexandra Nicola

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Alexandra Nicola

In the past months that I have been working each day in the content strategy world I have found there are a few online marketing tools that help me achieve better productivity. In the next lines you’ll read more about which are these articles and how they manage to help me. In order to get more done you need help and this products might be exactly what you are searching for.

Organize your work with online marketing tools

One of the applications that  I enjoy using is Evernote. I frequently use it from my phone and as it says it helps me remember everything. The main reason I use it over and over again is for righting down important ideas that I don’t to forget in order to use them letter in my articles. Thinking things through on the buss or on the way to a meeting might want to make you right down the ideas you have just generated.

For making sure you keep track of each activity and finish them in do time, I strongly recommend Trello. It’s one of the most useful online marketing tools for organizing yourself or the whole team. The checklists make you keep track of your work, you can add due dates and the calendar is quite useful for time organization. The community is also great and you can make your boards public or private.

Managing your files means managing your life

For collaborative work on documents Google drive is an excellent platform. From documents to spreadsheets and presentations, it represents with honer the  online marketing tools. It cuts down the need for persons to be in the same room with each other in order to get things done. They can very well collaborate on the file and use the comment section for concrete, pointed replies.

online marketing tools

Dropbox is also another valid tool for organizing the files you need, and making sure that everybody has access to it. The great part is that you can store very big files without a problem. Why I recommend in spite of other online marketing tools is the fact that it is cloud base and you can have access to your files regardless where you are.

All the Twitting in one screen

Wake up with new leads from the content you publish.


As most of you know I enjoy spending time on Twitter. Getting on the site not through other apps and none sense it’s what I actually love a lot. From all the online marketing tools there is only one that makes just as happy as Twitter and that is  Tweet Deck. These is one product that made it possible to enhance the user experience of the platform. Being able to stay focused on one hashtag and see how things are doing on that particular domain makes it all worth the while. Plus it organizes all the informations you get from multiple accounts.

In the end

I have requested an invitation for the join Passle I am quite interested to find out these tool might help me in my reaches phases for different articles. There are many other fields where content marketing tools can and are used. From my own experience these helped me perform better as a content creator and over all blogger.

What online marketing tools do you guys use ? Can you recommend me any other ones I could try out for helping me with my research ? Waiting for your answers bellow in the comment section.