New Media Kit Available to Help You Get All the Materials You Need

15 Oct 2020


We’ve released a new media kit: complete with a fresh landing page (which shows how to use it) and a better way of organizing all the materials you can use to sell our products.

One more thing: we will soon release a new way for all Squirrly Affiliates to use many of the funnels which we have:

  • created
  • fully automated
  • tested over the years and saw they were successful

The funnels, landing pages, automated sales systems which helped us gain over 6,455 paying subscribers for the software products from Squirrly Co will soon be yours to use.

You won’t have to create a single funnel (if you don’t want to, of course).

You’ll be able to just send people to different pages we have:

  • books
  • blog articles
  • games
  • courses
  • landing pages
  • case studies
  • podcasts

And once they get there, they are tracked.

And our automated systems will convert them into paying customers.

If they pay within 3 months, you get commissions.

As always, commissions are for the entire lifetime value of the account (meaning: if a customer stays with us 14 months, you get 14 commissions for that customer you brought our way).

Or even 28 commissions, if the customer chose to buy subscriptions for both Squirrly SEO and Squirrly Social.

More about this soon.

If you already have some questions about this, let me know and I’ll be happy to answer.

Until then, here’s the new Media Kit.

We’re doing our best to make the program better and to help you earn more commissions from more of our products.

Check out the new Media Kit; and let us know what you think about it here in the comments.