Overcome Mental Blocks With A Boudoir Photo Shoot

01 Jul 2015
| Last update: 26 Mar 2018

Have you ever considered a boudoir photo shoot? What are the thoughts that instantly come to mind when you think of one? That you’re too old? Too fat? Too shy? That you’re not good enough? Where in the world did these thoughts come from?

They come from your subconscious and, most of the time, you don’t even realize it until they’re so ingrained inside your head that you just plain feel lousy all the time. You know, that nagging feeling you begin carrying around but you just can’t seem to identify the source. It’s just there…ALL THE TIME.

Your energy level begins declining. You begin letting yourself go. Instead of cooking a balanced meal, you just grab whatever is handy because, after all, you’re tired and nothing matters. The days are all the same. You rush around, work hard and have to wake up and do it all over again.

Invasion of Mental Blocks

You see, it all started with that one nagging feeling. It’s called a mental block. Mental blocks are the repression of painful thoughts or the inability to continue a train of thought. They basically represent the inability to follow through on anything.

Your subconscious buried that nagging feeling (mental block) in order to allow you to continue your normal routine. As time went on, more deep, subconscious things came up. So to keep things normal, your subconscious developed ‘mental bypasses’. They enabled you to carry on by working around and/or suppressing these nagging feelings.

What A Boudoir Photo Shoot Has To Do With Mental Blocks

A boudoir photo shoot helps you remove the mental blocks your subconscious has placed deep inside you. Mental blocks have programmed your subconscious to shut down in certain situations. Posing for professional shots reprograms you in ways you never imagined.

1)  Overcome Lack of Confidence –  Do you automatically think you’re too old/fat/ugly to have your picture taken? The mental bypasses your subconscious formed caused a gradual shift in your thinking. Every thought is like a personal message for your subconscious. A thought will bring either a negative or a positive emotion with it.

Your subconscious has to decide what to do with them. When it doesn’t know what to do it stuffs or bypasses the thought/feeling. This gradually changes your behaviors and reactions. You become less confident, hesitant and easily exhausted.

Following through with a boudoir photo shoot allows you to overcome the negative thoughts you have and complete the task anyway. This reinforces your subconscious that feelings aren’t always facts, so despite how you’re feeling at a given moment, you can and will accomplish your goals.

2)  Overcome Fear of Failure – Some mental blocks originate from past failures. They stay with you deep in your subconscious and then crop up when you face new challenges or goals. To deal with them, the subconscious creates this protective system (this is the mental block) and as a result, you shut down and don’t overcome the new challenge or attain the new goal.

When you book a photo shoot, the only way to fail is if you don’t follow through…if you shut down. When you go through with the session, you’ve overcome your fear of failure.

3)  Overcome Complacency – Your mental blocks lead you to resort to just going through the motions in life. You settle for whatever life hands you. Because of these blocks, you don’t even consider going after what you really want.

Don’t settle! You deserve better! Book a boudoir photo shoot [insert company link] today and reprogram your subconscious to believe that you can do anything you set your mind to do.

Lynn Silva

Lynn Silva

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Lynn Silva