Say “Hi” To The Lazy Squirrel

17 Nov 2013
| Last update: 05 Dec 2014


Hello! I’m Shabbi and I love to be a very lazy squirrel.

I’m so lazy that you can even forget to feed me one-two days, but not more days. I am perhaps an extremely lazy squirrel, but I like to eat 😀

I’ll never go after nuts, that’s for sure, though. Do you know how much I have to jump from a tree to another or to just sniff the ground for nuts? No, no, no sir, I just want to lay in my softy bed and stay there for ever if it’s possible..

For me everyday is the weekend and I like to celabrate the weekend everyday. So, if you are feeling lazy today, it’s the perfect day to adopt me and be lazy together, forever and ever (ok, maybe not for ever..) 🙂

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Andreea Muresan-Leau

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Happily managing marketing @SquirrlyHQ ( ) - Apprentice of the Delivering Happiness Movement. iHeart #wordpress. Also, #GoT

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