SEO Wars – What Color Is Your Lightsaber? [Infographic]

20 Dec 2015
| Last update: 13 Apr 2017

Have you ever thought about your search engine optimization as a SEO war?

Well, it’s more fun to think about it that way, and you will feel like a real life Jedi when you do so. You can even choose a SEO mentor in your search engine optimization journey to get the full experience.

But who will it be?

Master Yoda or Darth Vader? Whom will you choose to be your SEO wars guide?  

We want to see you unleash the real Force of your magnetic content!

When it comes to SEO, you can either be on the Light side or the Dark side, but don’t forget that whatever side you choose to be on, it will have a big influence on your website.

At Squirrly we like to follow Master Yoda on the path to the Light Side, but there are many businesses that choose Darth Vader as their SEO mentor. We like Darth Vader too, but not as our trusty help in the challenging SEO wars.

So, what’s the color of your lightsaber and who is your SEO mentor? >> Click on the image below to see it larger.

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SEO Wars - What color is your LightSaber
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    SEO Wars - What color is your LightSaber