Competitor Intelligence that Gives You Marketing Superpowers

Squirrly SPY goes undercover to expose your top competitors’ secret formula for SEO Success. It’s your competitor’s Kryptonite.

Get All the Intel You Need to Rise above your Competition in One Place. Reverse-engineer their Best Strategies and Avoid their Mistakes

XRay Vision into Your Competitors SEO strategy

Get a list of the best keywords your competition uses to outrank you on Google and see where their traffic is coming from.

Data-Fueled Super Strength

Get an x-ray of your site and search across all your content at once to find precious insights hidden in your data. Discover new avenues for growth and take your next steps confidence.

See through Walls

Study your competitor’s backlinks and website architecture. Use that insight to identify new link building opportunities and create the perfect URL structure for SEO.


Dig deep into your competitors’ content to understand how they think in terms of content strategy. Uncover new hot topics and see what content types your competitors have ignored. Then develop a better content strategy to outrank them.

Go undercover. Pick your codename.

The Fearless Black Panther Business Owner

  • Study your most successful competitors

  • Reverse engineer their top SEO tactics

  • Exploit weaknesses in their strategy  

  • Review your site’s data to spot inefficiencies

  • Find new opportunities for growth

  • Check incoming links to your website   

The Perfectionist Batman-Style Web Dev

  • Easily review and monitor your clients’ sites

  • Identify structural issues within minutes

  • Show your clients what are their site’s weak links

  • Enforce your arguments using data

  • Understand your prospects online presence

  • Build persuasive sales pitches

The Visionary Tony Stark SEO Specialist

  • Land more contracts by using data to make a point

  • Show prospects why they are not reaching their goals

  • Quickly analyze the backlink profile of a site

  • Identify new link building opportunities

  • Monitor your link building campaigns

  • Gain competitive intelligence for the sites that you manage

Make Data Your Secret Weapon and Outmatch Your Competition

Replace Yourself With AI

Start unlocking the full potential of AI technology with 249 genius ways to use ChatGPT for Digital Marketing.