What does it mean for a search engine to display your site or your page? It means to be able and “want to” (more accurate: have REASON) to place your page in the search results which show up after a user starts a query.

Two main aspects arise:

  1. to be able to display
  2. to “want to” (to have reason to) display

Remember: There are over 60,000 to 60,000,000 results that search engines could potentially display for most search queries (things that people search for).

First you must make sure that a search engine is able to display your site.

NOTE: when saying that a search engine displays your site: it actually means that it will display a PAGE from your site. One result = one page… not the entire website.

For this first condition, make that:

Then, once it can … will it (the search engine) want to show your page? Why would it?

To rank your page out of hundreds of thousands of others, your page needs to be able to rank well.

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