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This is where you want to be. You can start using the SERP Checker that will give you 100% Accurate positions in Google.

You can start using it for free. Only requirement is that you have a WordPress site.

Trying to see how well your pages rank on the Google search engine today?

Are you trying to find out how they ranked 2 weeks ago?

What was the best position your page ever had on Google?

When did the ranking increase take place?

In which country do you have the best Google ranks?

How well does your competitor rank on Google?

It’s a Fully Functional SEO Ranking Tool that Helps You Find the True Position in Google for Any Country You Want

Choose the Country For Which You Want To Track the Rankings.

If you target the German market, for example, make sure that all the data you receive is exactly what real people from Germany find when they use Search Engines.

After you decide what Country you want to track for your own Google Search Engine Rankings, the really special part begins:

Once you get better rankings for your pages, you will see the Daily Average Ranking score go down. Which is good.

You’ll want to go from 100 to 1. Or as close to 1 as possible, because that will mean you are #1 on Google!

It will show you how many of your pages have gone up or down in Search Rankings in the last day. If you care about your SEO and your rankings, this is a number that you’ll begin to love seeing. You’ll feel like you’re in full control over the changes that happen daily on Google.

Ask it to show you info only about a specific keyword that you know you’re currently trying to rank. This helps you easily visualize just the keywords you’re focused on. It will display all the ranked pages (from your site) that it finds for those keywords.

New Articles and Pages are checked as soon as they are published!

All this Power for your WordPress site with an average loading time of under 0.003s, making it one of the fastest plugins out there.

With Brand New Updates, this is the SERP Checker of choice.

Squirrly’s WordPress SEO Plugin helps you write great content optimized both for search engines and humans. But, it doesn’t stop there.

Squirrly SEO brings you the best SERP Checker tool on the market.

Track your objective, country-based, position on Google.

You’ll see many charts for how your pages evolve and you can go very in depth to see how your rankings affect Impressions and Click to your site from search engines.

serp checker advanced metrics 2019

Take Advantage of the Performance Analytics Tool

It’s great to know how your content ranks on Google SERPs.

But, Squirrly also gives you insights about how it performed on social media.

So, you’re getting:

  • charts with your progress on search engines
  • social media share numbers
  • impressions data
  • clicks data
  • Knowledge about how many of your pages have gone up or down in Search Rankings

Q: How does SERP Checker compare to Squirrly’s Performance Analytics and the Google Rank check that it offers there?

A: The Squirrly Google Rank checker is good if you’re just starting out and rankings are not that important yet.

The data it provides is 100% accurate, so there are no problems on that front. However, we’ve seen that most of our Squirrly SEO Plugin users experience problems with Google queries, because they are on Shared Hostings and they have Shared IPs.

Because of this, it means your site is not alone there. It means that many other sites, tools, plugins or people from that same hosting / IP are asking Google for information.

Because there is an overload of queries, Google blocks the IP. It does not ban from search results, BUT it does not allow that IP to ask it any more questions for a certain period of time.

You can try asking it from that IP when this happens. You will see that if you search on Google, it will not return you any results.

By using the SERP Checker built by the same company, you will no longer have a problem with your shared hosting or shared IP.

This happens due to the fact that the SERP Checker takes the information from other third parties. So it will no longer look like it asks for information from Google.

We pay a lot of money ourselves for this information. This product is intended to help those of you who need to know the exact Rankings, without having your IP blocked.

You can search the web and see that tools which show accurate data about SERPs cost over $180 / month. That means we ourselves pay a lot of money to be able to serve you all this.

It’s easy for you: you get everything for $71.99 / month.

Of course, this amazing price includes access to Unlimited Audits, Unlimited Pages you can Optimize with SEO Content Analysis in Real-Time, Copyright-Free Images you can use in your blogs, Keyword Research Tool, Portfolio Management Tool, and the award-winning Focus Pages concept, which analyzes 54 Ranking Factors to boost your SERP rankings.

“I use Squirrly every time I create a new post.”

– Neil Patel, Co-Founder of KissMetrics.

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