Sharing the Video Content Strategy love on your Wordpress Blog

Sharing the Video Content Strategy love on your WordPress Blog

15 Feb 2014
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015
Alexandra Nicola

Alexandra Nicola

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Alexandra Nicola

What a wonderful day was yesterday. The great celebration of love called Valentine’s day. I am actually this happy because I have a wonderful boyfriend. But how can a WordPress blog spread the love on this very pink day ? In my opinion the answer is simple. A video can do the trick. But how we are in the content marketing business we need to have a strategy and optimize clearly for it.

In the next lines I will explain to you how integrating a video content strategy can grow the love your audience feels for your WordPress Blog. It might be hard to get it all started but then it gets easier with time. The biggest advantages are that your audience will appreciate the new types of content, you will have activity on a growing social networking platform and reach new influencers.

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Getting started with you WordPress blog’s video presence

Establishing a good YouTube channel is one key element for stating out in the Video love sharing with your audience. Get a channel that is either the name of your WordPress blog or use a combination of the keyword you focus on the most. Than you have establish what do you actually want from this tool. In principle most people start creating a channel to upload and manage the video content on their site, disseminate visual information, build a group of subscribers that become leads to their site.

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Here you can see how the Squirrly Channel looks like. It is connected with all our other social media profiles and it incorporates the link to our site as well. The design as you can see presents the logo and descriptive images of our work.

Wake up with new leads from the content you publish.


Create a Video Content Strategy

In order to take your channel from this level to the one needs to be in order to obtain the adoration of you WordPress blog audience. You need to start creating content but you can not do it chaotic if you want to establish some key performances. Integrates your video publishing in your editorial calendar. Here comes the question: What type of content you are going to create ? Tutorials and product reviews are the best ones for video approach, but presentation, statistics and video captures from your work place are also an option.

The tools you will need for this are one side the ones to create the videos and on the other the plugin integrated in your WordPress blog to make uploading easier. In order to create clips that can be uploaded to your channel you can go for Google Hangouts if you want to vlog. I prefer to create different presentations in Prezi and then record them with Camstudio.

Focusing the love from your audience

In order to make the most out of your presence on YouTube you need to optimize your profile the content you find there. The team from Brafton has actually create a very useful infographic on this subject. It presents 10 way to make your efforts on this platform more efficient. They include

  • Ways to engage with your new formed audience
  • Connect you activity to different social media
  • Use playlists and Call-to-Actions the right way
  • Analyse the evolution of your activity

This strategies will help you get the most of your audience the new leads you have found. If you decide that you want to bring people from this platform to your site don’t forget to ingrate the link from your WordPress blog article in the description of your video. Also use annotations in your videos that will determine people to subscribe and visit your site for more information.

The SEO part of YouTube

As you might have noticed in the Brafton infographic  there 3 aspects of the channel that directly help the ranking of your WordPress blog. The first one is the description. Make sure it focuses on the keyword you are targeting on your site as well. The description is just as important as including a meta description to each of your articles. Including the keyword here is vital for better ranking of that particular video.

The second area is the tag area. The tag here are just like the ones you use for your articles on your WordPress blog. You will include the keyword that you are focusing on and the other terms that you consider relevant for that piece. Reflect on your core keywords and the analysis from YouTube’s keyword tool.

The third and final area is the annotation where you should include your link. It’s best to include after a call to action in the video. This way the audience will go directly to your WordPress blog when they find the promise of a solution. The possibility to grow your revenue this way is much higher.

The signature on your Valentine

Applying all of this tips will bring you more results from the biggest video social media network. Keep in mind to build a solid profile and integrate your video content strategy into the wider image of the inbound marketing one. Give a personal twist to each piece and the outcome will be the rising love and appreciation your readers will show you. To keep in touch and maybe get inspired by our own video content strategy don’t forget to subscribe. We are waiting for you on YouTube with lots of presentation with cute little Squirrles connected to different article here on our WordPress blog. Thanks love, for inspiring me to write this article.

Do you have any burning questions ? Leave them in the comment and I’ll be here to answer.