20 Minute Daily Social Media Marketing Strategy
20 Minute Daily Social Media Marketing Strategy

20 Minute Daily Social Media Marketing Strategy

22 May 2015
| Last update: 26 Oct 2016

social media marketing strategyHow do you keep up with your social media marketing strategy every single day? We all have days where it feels like there’s just not enough time to get every single thing done. When these days occur we usually prioritize what needs to be done, hence leaving some things out. One of the biggest things that gets pushed to the side is marketing.

The number one aspect of your marketing strategy has to be consistency. So of all things, it should never be pushed aside. Below is an example of an emergency social media marketing strategy for days when there aren’t enough minutes to get everything done. This is one of those quick fixes that’s specific for situations where you’re really pressed for time.

Putting Your Social Media Marketing Strategy on Steroids

Remember, this isn’t a permanent solution. Use this on days when your time is very limited. Most businesses really should dedicate at least an hour a day just for social media interaction. This includes marketing and building relationships in order to become known as an ‘influencer.’ The main point is consistency and 20 minutes is far better than skipping one day just because you’re too busy.

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Choose a high resolution image. A great place to choose images is Morguefile because there are tons you can copy, use and adapt without showing attribution. Look in the free section and make sure that each photo you copy says this:

“You are allowed to copy, distribute, transmit the work and to adapt the work. Attribution is not required. You are prohibited from using this work in a stand alone manner.”

  • Choose the statement or quote you’d like to include in the image and insert it.
  • Write your post out and include a link to an article, product or landing page.
  • Post, or schedule the time you want it posted in something like Buffer.


Begin by retweeting and thanking those that have acknowledged or mentioned you in the past 24 hours. The most important thing, especially on a very full day, is not to get distracted. Stick to this rapid social media marketing strategy for today. Keep your focus completely honed in.

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Aim to Tweet 10 links to articles and/or products for your business. If you have a program like Buffer, you can schedule varied times in which the tweets go live.

Try to use the 80/20 rule with Twitter. Dedicate 80% to others and 20% to your business. Reciprocity is always the cheapest method of advertising on platforms like Twitter.


  • Share or post something related to your business or products.
  • Share one post from your ‘Can’t miss’ selections on LinkedIn Pulse.
  • Comment and like 3-4 posts in your main feed from connections.
  • Comment in at least one group. Since you’re pressed for time today, realize your comment needs to be short and sweet. You’ll get better at this over time.

Google Plus

  • Spend one to two minutes on this social platform.
  • ‘Plus 1’ several links, anywhere from 4 to 10.
  • Comment on one post.
  • Then, if there’s still time, share approximately four articles links.

Turbo Hacks

  • Find and download images for your Facebook posts once a week.
  • Find quotes and links once a week and put them in a spreadsheet or Word document for quick retrieval.
  • Have a Notepad document with all of your article links so that you can quickly copy and paste them into your social media posts.

Still Pressed For Time?

20 Minute Daily Social Media Marketing Strategy

It might be necessary to begin delegating some things to outside sources. Consider hiring a content marketing agency to help you with your social media publishing and for writing your articles. The Squirrly staff is professionally trained to meet all of your content marketing needs. We’ll even show you how to get 300 readers per article for free. No matter what you require, we’re here to help you with your social media marketing strategy. Contact us today.

Lynn Silva

Lynn Silva

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Lynn Silva

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