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Connect Your WordPress Site

You’ll only need to set this up once, and it’s really easy to do. Just follow the steps.


Ready to connect your WordPress Site directly to Social Media?

Here’s what you’ll need to set it up once as a user of Squirrly Social.

1. Open Zapier

Zapier makes it easy for apps to get integrated with one another. You’ll be able to send posts from your WP site as soon as they’re published. You’ll be able to click a button and send any page you’re on to your social media profiles in a Flash… and a lot more.

You just need to register for a Free account first, if you don’t already have one.

2. You can log in with Google or create a new account.

2. You’ve been invited to join Squirrly Social on Zapier.

Click: Accept Invite & Build a Zap

3. You’re redirected to the Zapier dashboard. Click the Make a Zap! button

4. Choose the RSS by Zapier Trigger App

5. Select: New Item in Feed. Click Save + Continue

6. Paste in the first field the URL to your WordPress site’s feed. You can find it by adding /feed to the end of your URL.

7. For connecting your WordPress site directly to Social Squirrly, the rest of the fields in the Zapier form are not important.  Just click Continue

8. Check the data and then click Test trigger

9. Test is successful, click Continue.

1. Choose an Action App. Search for Squirrly Social.

2. Select Add Post to Planner. Click Save + Continue

3. Click Sign in to Squirrly Social. A pop-up will show up

4. In a new window, open your Squirrly Social account. Go to your profile Settings and click on the API Section.

5. Write a Token Name and then click Create

6. Copy the code and paste it in Zapier. Click Yes, Continue

7. Click Continue

1. Select where to publish inside your Squirrly Social Account.

2. Team: here you select the brand to which you want your WordPress posts to go.

3. Planner Categories: choose the planner category you’ll want this to go to.

Remember: that’s where you say to which profiles and at which hours the messages need to go out.

4. Status: Select Approved if you want any new WordPress post to go Directly into your Social Media profiles, without any manual actions and further clicks. This fully automates the process.

5. Text: Here you will do the following. There’s a “insert a field” button to the right of this input section. Click it.

Select Title.

6. Hit the pause button to create a space between the title of your blog post and the next element. Click “insert a field” again.

Select LINK.

This will send messages e.g. “10 Awesome Ideas http://awesome.com”

7. You’re done here!

Now select Continue

8. Send test to Squirrly Social.

This will help you see that the latest WordPress post gets sent directly into the Scheduled Section of Squirrly Social.

9. Finish. Name your Zap and then turn the Switch to ON

10. Now your setup is 100% Complete!

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