How to Use Post Planner to Schedule Posts


First off, let’s take a look at the layout. Look at the section marked No.1. There, you can see all post categories you have so far, and add new ones.  In the section marked No.2, you can see the types of posts: Drafts, Scheduled and Published. The final section, which we marked No.3, includes Settings, Timings, and social media profiles.


Let’s talk about each section in more detail, starting with section No.1.

Here, you can pick the category in which you want to create posts. For example, you can have a category named News where you post the latest developments in your industry.

You can also have a category called Promotions where you would create posts about sales and promotions related to your brand and/or products. If you have a blog, you can add a category called Blog Posts in which you would create all social media messages for your articles. You choose how to organize your posts based on your social media strategy. 


For every new category that you add, you can customize the name and the social media platforms you want to post on. You can also choose whether posts in that category should go out multiple times or not. Lastly, you can pick a default status for the posts you want to save in that category (Draft or Approved).

!If you pick Draft as the default status, then you will have to manually approve every post within that category. If you choose to save them as Approved, then your posts will be go out as scheduled, without you having to do anything else.


Let’s move on to section No.2. 

The posts in Drafts are the posts that are waiting for approval. To approve a post, all you have to do is click on the checkbox.


You can also edit the post, copy or delete it.


Posts in the Scheduled tab are the ones queued to be published. And the ones from the Published tab are the ones which have already been posted. Easy, right? 


In section No.3, you’ll see the Settings tab. This is also where you’ll find Timings.


Using Timings, you can select the exact day and time when you want your posts to go live on your social media accounts. First, you have to choose the days of the week when you want to post. You can post every single day if you want. 


To choose the hours when your posts should go live, click on the Add time button. This will apply to the days of the week you’ve already selected. Therefore, if you want to post 5 times/day, you’ll have to add five times and choose the hours you want. 


Click on the Save button, and your posts will be published based on your desired settings. 


All you still have to do is to add your social media profiles you want your posts to go to.



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