Step 1: Create a Squirrly Social account

2 :

Enter your information and click Register.

3 :

Add your brand name and your time zone.

4 :

Click Add Brand

5 :

Congratulations! Next step will be to add your social media accounts.


Step 2: Add your social media profiles

Connect your social profiles to publish and schedule content in a flash all from your Squirrly Social dashboard.

1 :

Click Add a profile and choose what profile you want to connect.

2 :

Don’t forget to Authorize App where you are asked to.

3 :

This is how it looks like after you added your profiles. You can always access and edit your social media profiles from the left menu at @Manage social profiles tab.


Step 3: Add your first post

Engage your audience and grow your following by regularly publishing messages. Save time by scheduling in a flash to multiple social media platforms at once.

You can do this in multiple ways. Let’s start with the first one.

1 :

Click Create a new post from the top of the dashboard.

2 :

Let’s start by adding an image and a message, and then we will see what all the others icons and settings mean.

3 :

Now, it’s time to explain all the awesome and time-saving features we have. First is the # icon. This will automatically add # to your post.

4 :

Then we have the link shortener. Well, I think you know what it does, right?

5 :

I think this next one will make the people who love using emojis sending us lots of love. The star-shaped icon will automatically add emojis to your post. Pretty awesome, right? No more wast time looking for the perfect emoji to tell your story.

6 :

And the final icon, the smiley face one, will allow you to choose any emoticon you want from our collection. So go nuts smile

7 :

The Show advance setting slider, will allow you to add watermark to your images.

8 :

After you custom the setting to match your brand, click Set as default watermark settings

9 :

It’s time to publish. You have two option, Save to Post Planner or Add to Queue. 

At Save to Post Planner option, you can choose in what category you want to post, if you want to be a draft or approved and if you want the post to repeat or not.

If you choose the post to repeat, it will go for as many time you selected when there is no other post scheduled. You can also see it more clear in the Calendar tab.

10 :

If you choose Add to Queue option, you will have to select on what profile you want the post to go, and then you can choose to either post it now or to a specific date/time

11 :

You will be able to see your post in the Post Planner tab in the left menu or for a more visual way, go to Calendar tab.

12 :

To create a new post,  you will have to go to the Scheduled tab or to a new category in Draft where you have no post created yet, and click Create a new post.

13 :

You can also create posts from the Calendar Tab. This option will make it easier for you to visualize where and when your posts will go live.

14 :

And the last option to create new posts is with Content discovery. You can find this tab in the left menu.

15 :

I will explain this option later on, I just wanted to mention that you can do it this way as well. Now, let’s go back to Post Planner and see what option do we have there.