Step 6: Media

1 :

Click on the Media Tab from the left menu.

2 :

Here, you can see all your images and can create new folders as well. This is a very useful feature, as it helps you organize your files.

You can have a folder with your logo.

You can also create a folder for every new campaign you have, so you will have all the marketing images in one place and easy to find when you want to reuse something.


Step 7: Brand Settings

1 :

Click the Brand Settings Tab from the left menu.

You will have two options, Setup and Team Members.

On the Setup option, you will be able to change your image, your name, your time zone or even delete your brand.

2 :

If you click on Team Members.  You will be able to send invites by mail and see your members as well.

This is a great option to collaborate with your marketing and social media team, or with your clients.

All you have to do is to send them an invite and then ask them to add their social media profiles in the Manage Social Profiles Tab of your brand.

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