Step 4: Post Planner

1 :

Let’s take a look at the layout first.

In the Nr. 1 box, we see the categories of the posts, you can even add a new one.

In the Nr. 2 box, we see the type of posts: DraftsScheduledand Published.

And in the Nr. 3 box we Settings, Timings and social media profiles.

2 :

We start with the Nr. 1 box. You can choose in what category you want to create posts.

For ex. I like to post about origami, cats, yoga, and crochet. I would put all sort of posts about those topics in general, but if I would like to post about a new crochet doll, that I would create that post in News.

If I were to have a sale on my origami kusudamas I would create a post in Promotions and if I would like to know what yoga mat you love to use, I would crate that post in Questions.

I also like every Wednesday to post about my new blog post, so I would create a new Category that would have Blog Posts as name and create those posts there.

3 :

In the New Category tab you have the following options.

You can choose what name you want it to have, where to post you, on what social media platforms, if the posts should repeat themselves or not and the status, draft or approved.

If you let it as Draft than you will have to manually approve every post from this category. If you go for Approved than your posts will be scheduled and ready to be posted.

4 :

In the Nr. 2 box we have like this.

The posts that are in Drafts are the posts that are waiting for approval. In order to approve a post, all you have to do is click on that checkbox. You can also edit the post, copy or delete.

The one from the Schedule tab are the ones that are waiting to be publish.

And the ones from the Publish tab are the ones that are already making waves on your profiles. If some post had a great succes and you want to have the same post again, you can coppy it from this tab.

5 :

And we are finally at the Nr.3 box. The Setting tab is the same tab as the one for a new category.

6 :

The Timings tab is a really important one, as here is where you select in what days and at what hours your posts are going to go live.

You first have to choose on what days you want to post. I like to post every day.

Then you have to choose at what hours you want to post by clicking the Add time button where who choose what hours you want to post in the days you selected. That means that if you want to post 5 times every day, you are going to add five times and choose the hours you want, but you will also have every day selected.

And at the end, you just have to click the Save button and your posts are going to be published according to your settings.

What’s important to remember is that if you are not choosing a time and only a day, your posts will not be published as they will not know when they are supposed to.

7 :

All you still have to do is to add your social media profiles you want your posts to go to. I like to add all of them to the general category.

You can also do this from the Setting tab as is the same tab.


Let's Recap Post Planner

In this example, my posts from Drafts will go to Schedule after approval and then will be posted, in order, at 09 am, 05 pm and 08 pm, on every social media profile.

So today at 09 am my whale will be posted, then at 05 pm the other origami post will be and at 08 pm the crochet post. Tomorow at the same hours will go the next 3 posts and so on and so on because I selected all the days in the week.

If I were to have selected only Monday and then Friday, then on Monday would go my first 3 posts and then the next 3 will go only Fryday. Hope this example makes sense and It helped you understood how your posts will be published.

And if you want every Wednesday to post about your new blog post, you have to create a new category, select only Wednesday and add what times you want the posts to go.  If you want only one post, then add only one time.


Step 5: Content Discovery

1 :

Let’s go back to Content Discovery. You can find this tab in the left menu.

2 :

Now, you can use Filters based on how old the content is, 24h, 1 week or 1 month. You can also search content for a particular country or you can search only videos.

3 :

After you selected your filters and typed your keyword and clicked on the Search button you will see the results.

4 :

Remember when I told you, you can create a new post from Content Discovery? Well here is how. You see that cute button Add to Promotions? Well if you click on the little arrow you can select the category you want this post to go to. You have all the awesome features I told you about. The #, link shortener, and auto emoticons as well.

5 :

After you clicked on the button add to, you will have to go back to Post Planner tab. Here, depending on your category setting, if is set as Draft or Approval you will find your post in Drafts or Scheduled tabs. Mine is as Draft, so I would find it in Drafts from where I will have to approve it.

6 :

It’s that simple to create a new post. If you want to create more posts you just have to go back to Content Discovery and add as many as you want. The posts will go according to your category Timings Setting.