Squirrly Social – Features

Find. Plan. Schedule. Post.

4 Steps to Grow Your Audience and Maximize Your Social Media Presence – One Tool that Covers them All

The Calendar Gives You an Overview of Your Strategy in a Highly-Visual Way

See your social schedule and stay on track with your strategy. No more guesswork.

Ensure consistency. Avoid bombarding your audience with messages one day and be completely MIA another day. Keep the conversation going online every day.

Pre-Plan Your Posts with Post Planner to Avoid the Time Drain

One of the biggest issues social media managers encounter is the amount of time spent managing their accounts. With Squirrly, you can plan two weeks’ worth of content for one account in just 3 minutes.

Squirrly Social works with your favorite networks:

Facebook Page, Facebook Group (via Buffer), Google My Business, Instagram (via Buffer), LinkedIn Page, LinkedIn Person, Twitter.

Massive Benefits:

  • You only have to set your social media schedule once (it’s that easy).
  • Schedule your posts based on Categories for easy management and better consistency
  • A single place to create and Approve posts
  • Social Squirrly reshares your content to fuel your social stream. A clever way to make the most out of what you got, reach more people and various audiences across multiple social accounts.

Social Media Assistant Mines the Web to Surface Relevant Content worth Sharing with Your Audience

Sharing relevant articles from other trusted publishers helps boost engagement. It also creates diversity so that your audience doesn’t get bored and gives you a break from creating original content.

Your audience wants a thought leader brand that focuses on improving their experience, not someone that only shares their thoughts.

Massive Benefits:

  • Find a year’s worth of social media messages with a single click.
  • Easy to use keyword-based filter
  • Supports Video
  • Refill your social media profiles with relevant curated posts to keep your brand looking fresh
  • Get relevant Social Media Content Ideas from trustworthy sources
  • Ensure there’s always some activity on your accounts
  • Benefit from the integrated 3-step approach that helps you stay organized:

Step 1: Find the best content from trusted sources

Step 2: Assign a Category

Step 3: Add them to Post Planner for Scheduling

Automated Social Media Scheduling – ’Cause Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

  • Schedule your posts based on Category. Be more efficient and better manage your social media accounts for various brands.
  • By creating an Evergreen Category with Articles you’ll consider relevant even years from now, you can set those posts to repeat forever.
  • Keep posts in rotation at selected times to fill in the gaps in your social media calendar and maximize your social media presence.
  • Never worry you’ve fallen behind when it comes to communicating with your audience ever again.

Add the Best Hashtags. Emojify Your Posts – AutoMagically and with a Single Click

Hashtags and Emojis are the bread and butter of great Social Messages. On Facebook, posts with emojis result in 57% more likes and 33% more comments. That’s what your brand needs.

Every Message Gets Revamped

Tap into the vocabulary of the digital generation, add visual interest and auto-emojify your posts. Share your posts in a visual way.

Up your # strategy and make your content discoverable by automatically adding relevant, trending hashtags.

Shorten your links. Size matters on social media; with Squirrly Social, you make every character count.

Before Squirrly Social Did Its Magic

After Squirrly Social Did Its Magic

Advanced Settings: Stand Out Online with Branded Content

Branded content is more likely to be perceived as trustworthy and gain clicks. Plus, it’s a simple way to help your audience associate information with your brand. Stay top of mind.

With Squirrly Social, You Can:

  1. Add Watermark to your images
  2. Add Your logo
  3. Upload and store Images for a brand in Media Library – within the platform.