squirrly force

I hope that you enjoy playing the special game we built for you.

On this page, we’ll keep adding some goodies that will help you understand the game better.


Use the hashtag #forcenuts on twitter to share your score. It will be fun for everyone to know what scores can be achieved, so they all can become better at the game.

The Golden Starbox

It helps transform you into a ghost.

While playing the Squirrly Force game, you will see that it’s quite important to become a ghost, in order to avoid the obstacles.

The Purple Starbox

This one is evil! It’s causing CONFUSION, which makes your squirrels turn their tail the other way.

The Big Nut – Called the Nutattractor

Take this one, and your squirrels will summon a vortex that gathers all the nuts nearby into one place.