Startup Events. Why you shouldn’t skip legal issues

04 Oct 2014
| Last update: 06 Oct 2015

Startup events should be seen like children. And when you see your child getting married, you want to make sure everything  goes on smoothly. You want to have that feeling of all being pitch perfect. For this to come true, you must not miss to take a look at the legal issues behind all events.authority


Startup events. Major legal issues you need to take care of

I found out from a guest post from that when you carry out an event, you need to be especially careful when it comes to the agreements you have with vendors. I’d say it’s highly recommended to have contracts or written documentation with all the parties involved, even though this depends on the scale of the event. You need to think about the invitations- who’s VIP, who is a special guest, etc. – about food and serving, maybe catering services, about music, logistics, decorations, advertisements, even celebrity contracts, about volunteers, and so on. What’s more, you need to be very organized and specific when you make the agreements. Each type of agreement needs to factor in specific issues during the negotiation and drafting stage. “For example, the manner in which invitations/ decorations are designed can bring in copyright issues. If a design or an art is used, one may face a challenge against the usage of the same.”

When there are problems, for example when the service you were meant to receive is way below its requested standard, it is important to incorporate corresponding clauses in the agreements. There might be indemnity protections, liquidated / un-liquidated damages, cap on liability, etc.

The next difficulty is posed by the scale of the startup events.  You need to make sure you can book in a location, which suits your events, so you need to get a lot of paperwork signed. You’ll also need permits, which authorize you to make use of the place, maybe parking permits and so on.

What’s really important when it comes to legal issues are the licenses and permits. Startup events can also get crowded, and in situations where a lot of people are involved problems can ensue. Moreover, if there’s a party after the event, there can be loud music and alcohol, all of which request a license or permit. If you intend to use loudspeakers or if you want the event to continue late into the night, you need to procure a No Objection Certificate from the local police station.

Many of the legal issues confronted depend on the people involved in the event. The bigger the scale, the bigger the probability that problems will follow. So, you must prepare beforehand. It’s not that hard, if you think about it, to give a few calls, drive a bit downtown to the police station and get hold of those permits. Think about the safety you offer to people, and believe me, when you feel safe, you feel free to have a good time, be sociable and more productive.

Would you be sensible enough to see that all is in good order legally? What other legal challenges for startup events do you know?

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