Startup Pirates. Are you a pirate with a startup?

18 Aug 2014
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015

Ahoy there! Come on board of Startup Pirates!

You need to have a daring heart, a great startup idea, or just initiative, and you must ‘be brave, be crazy, be a Pirate!’ Follow the Pirate Code and set sail!

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of Mad Jack the Pirate or Johny Deep (Pirates of the Caribbean) in their lives? Do you also happen to have a startup? If so, that’s great. You can now be a pirate with a startup. This is all due to Startup Pirates, which for 3 years have managed to organize worldly events, such as those in Portugal, France, Greece, and they even spurred on a community here in Romania. And that’s not all! On the 13th of February they’ve been here, and the CEO of Squirrly, Florin, was a mentor. In a 2-week workshop he helped other local startups improve their business models. (Read more…).

Take a look at all the places Startup Pirates have been to, helping out startups and organizing events for promising entrepreneurs!

The latest event took place in Maringa, and as Renan Freitas confesses, though it’s been tiresome, it’s been totally worth it, because only last year they began spreading and offering help to startups set in Maringa, and the efforts invested in building an entrepreneurial local ecosystem seemed to show, as people engaged and enjoyed the event.

So, can anyone join Startup Pirates?

Aye, Aye, my lad. Even you. They are a non-profit organization, founded by Startup X, which wants to boost startups and increase the number of entrepreneurs all over the world. As Startup Pirates put it, they are committed to “Have Startup Pirates programs around the globe”, they want to invest and help both local and international startups.

Shiver me timbers! Anyone can be a pirate with a startup now, including you!

What’s their Code of Conduct?

As you’ve already seen, Startup Pirates is all about helping startups, so it needs motivation and great people to work with. They are very organized, in that each program is developed and constantly improved by local teams, which offer support to the global ones. They also provide help on the internet, and their experts love to share their knowledge and experience with other pirates. The organizers and quests are volunteers! They do this because they like it and because they want to help you be a better entrepreneur! And a better pirate, for that matter!

Not to mention the whole idea with the happy pirates is great, in the first place! If you want to find VCs and crowdfunders, you can sure do it in an optimistic, enthusiastic way. Besides, you’ll make other crazy connections and meet people as over-the-hills into startups as yourselves. The community is great and extended over continents. Being a pirate means waters won’t be standing in your way!

So, come on board of Startup Pirates!

 Blimey! They’re really great!

Sure they are, and if you want to convince yourself take a look at the Startup/ Projects they’ve sailed through! You can also peep at where they’re going next.

I hope you’ve been sailing through calm waters and can’t wait to join Startup Pirates. Tell us what you think in the comments’ section below. Arr! Arr!

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