25 Google Plus Messages
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25 Google Plus messages.


Product Description

Google+ messages of about 1 or 2 sentences.

What’s the benefit?

Keep your circles updated with latest news, trending videos, infographics, achievements, etc.

Google Plus posts are an average of 1-2 sentences, and can also include images. If we give you images, they will be copyright free, but some of them might require author attribution.

Your circles will like to get updated on your latest ideas and interests. Infographics and videos work well for google plus posts, so we’ll give you a really great mix of content to keep your circles engaged.

What do you get?

You’ll get 25 posts, that you can publish or schedule on your account(s).

You will receive them in a .doc file

Can You Also Publish the messages your team creates on our accounts?

If you want us to manage posting and scheduling on your behalf, then please also purchase the Managed Account Plan, along with this one.


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