Content Optimization x50

Product Description

This service plan helps you get Content Optimization for 50 articles / 50 pages / 50 products.

Any one such item (an article, or a page, or a product from your site) is considered one piece of content. You basically get this for 50 pieces of content.

And you get it at a much better price, than by ordering it individually.

How long can ONE piece of content be?

500 words, maximum. If it’s more than that, then we will consider it as 2x articles, 3x articles, etc. depending on the length.

How does the content optimization process work?

1) You send us the link to the article / page / product that you want us to optimize.

Or you send us the text in a .doc file and we’ll start working on the content optimization for it.

2) We’ll find the keyword within your article, or ask you to provide a keyword.

3) Our writers add the keyword in Squirrly SEO (software) and begin optimizing  your article to make sense for both Human Readers and Search Engines.

4) You get the optimized text in a .doc file


Buying this content optimization service does NOT mean that we will work on the META from the site, this service is not for setting up the seo on the site, it’s just for optimizing the written piece of content that you have.

If you want to have your SEO fixed in your site, the METAs, and other aspects, make sure you look at our Premium Product for Fixing Website Structure