Managed Account for Publishing the SEO Content: 1 month

Product Description

The SEO Content and generally all the content that we produce, we will send to your email.

You will get it from your email, schedule it and publish it yourself. Or, you can buy a managed account plan from us.

What does this Managed Account plan offer you?

If you want, you can choose to buy this package and have us publish all the content that we create straight to your WordPress, Facebook or Twitter.

You will only have to give us publishing rights for those accounts, and we can manage the publishing that needs to be done for the content we produce (like the tweets that we create for each article, etc.)

This is only for 1 month. You can also talk directly to us and place this in your existing monthly subscription (if you have one already).

It includes only the fact that we will publish the content that you order from Squirrly on your wordpress and maximum 2 social media accounts.