Why Positive Core Beliefs Are the Foundation of Every Successful Startup

22 Oct 2015
| Last update: 04 Nov 2015

Have you ever had a friend or acquaintance with a successful startup who’s one of those people that just naturally empowers, motivates and inspires everyone they come in contact with?

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They answer with something like: “I don’t know. I just say the right things I guess.”  This is half true. Not only do they say the right things, but they also think the right things.

Successful entrepreneurs possess something that separates them from the rest. It’s their positive core beliefs. Everything they think is surrounded with positivity.

This is why, when they envision something, it comes to fruition. When you spend your energy focusing on positive thoughts your subconscious eventually begins to believe them.

In doing so, you’re automatically inspired and ambitious, so you go after your dreams.

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How Your Thoughts Can Prevent a Successful Startup

There’s a lot of valuable tools for a startup out there, but the most important one is your mind. Negative core beliefs greatly hinder work performance, which means that they’ll sabotage you from having a successful startup.

Negative core beliefs are formed from traumatic or unpleasant past experiences. They infiltrate your subconscious mind and influence how you think, feel and respond to current situations.

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So if you’ve had a negative experience in your past, you’ve probably subconsciously developed a negative core belief that will likely hold you back from having a successful startup.

Here Is the Secret!

Most successful entrepreneurs experience epic failure multiple times on their journey. Here is the key: They walked away from these failed experiences with something positive.

Instead of focusing on everything that went wrong or what they should’ve done, they immediately begin looking at what went right and what they’re going to do.

Did you catch that? They don’t focus on what they should’ve done…all of their thoughts are filled with what they’re going to do next!

This, right here, is the secret to taking a negative experience and turning it into a positive core belief. You can do this too.

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Have you ever heard the saying “You are what you eat?” It’s exactly the same with your thoughts. You truly are what you think. It goes way beyond just thinking positive.

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Not only do you have to think positive, but you have to believe, speak and act positive. Pretty soon, by doing all of these things, you’ll begin to believe it. This is the very foundation of positive core beliefs and it’s what can make or break a successful startup.

When you think and act confidently everything you say will empower, inspire and motivate the people around you. Just like that friend that always seems to know how to say the right things.

You say the right things because your thoughts and beliefs are inspiring. If you want your startup to be successful, then the most valuable place to emulate positive core beliefs is within your content.

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