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15 Jul 2014
| Last update: 06 Apr 2017

What defines successful startups?

It’s not enough having a great idea, a plan sustainable in the long-run, a powerful ambition, a responsible brain-storming team and unbiased trust in you and your startup. You’ll learn this and you’ll learn it fast enough. So what is there more to know if you want your dream to come true and turn to reality? What is it that defines successful startups? In this article I will give you a close view on many aspects that define a successful startup.  Beyond bright concepts and a daring heart, you need to learn a few basic principles. Take into consideration crowdfunding, angel investors and all important aspects of content marketing. The time and energy spent on designing and improving ever-dreamed mind-blowing startups isn’t enough. Use content marketing, think about thought leadership and brainstorm ways of educating the market. Use SEO( Search Engine Optimization) strategies and organic search traffic ones. It might seem daunting, it might seem discouraging. But it’s worth it. Follow me along and I’ll show you how you can build successful startups.


Why content marketing?

Our world has changed in the last years in many fields: technology, architecture, literature, music, etc. It has also changed when it comes to marketing. This means our way of putting out to  people what we got for them has changed. The time for content marketing has arrived. Just telling people what you have and trying to convince them they should buy it or invest in it, annoying them with commercials posted everywhere and anywhere and only ringing of: Buy! Buy! Buy! is not enough. They want to find out how their life would improve, how you can help them, what your product would mean to their way of living. They would like to hear a story, and this story had better be good. In content marketing you should know that you will be writing or talking 80% about them and only 20% about you and your product. But whose them?

This is another question that poses a problem. Techpreview cuts down the problem to the buyer persona. Trying to appeal to a great crowd of people and to draw in everyone and persuade them of your product, would bring about your downfall. Trying to present, or worse, make, a general product that could satisfy the need of all and sundry, would bring about your disaster. Trying to impress and make what you have a great big thing, make it viral, would bring about your twilight phase (too often, argues an Entrepreneur article, what’s viral dies soon after everyone’s had enough of it). So, successful startups define and appeal to very specific buyer personas, more often than not, to a niche of people.

If you want to achieve success with your startup never leave out content marketing and stick to buyer personas. It will assure you that your product will spread to the desired people, whom you will engage further on as clients, who will support you on your journey, your product will reach them and they will reach you.

A pitch perfect combination is that of content marketing, SEO and tracking influencers or thought leaders. This, and a few more tips and tricks, will grant you success. First, I’ll introduce you to these fields and, in the end, I’ll give you a walk through successful startups using content marketing.


Jayson Demers shows 7 ways that SEO is uniquely important for entrepreneurs pointing out the importance of online marketing both for a startup and a well-established businesses. If you have a startup and you want to grow, develop and spread, you need to be easy to reach and find. You need to be accessible on the internet and make people hear about you and reach what you offer. Jayson Demers talks about reputation, of how you can protect and better it via sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube. This also gives you control around the market. He also speaks about keywords and how they increase your chances of being reached. You should never forget about ranking, about building trust among your clients, increasing their loyalty and engaging them further on.

What’s more? Organic Search Traffic

One topic that Jayson Demers doesn’t fail to mention is “Organic traffic increases” in which he outlines what a successful online traffic spread could mean to startups and firms. As organic search traffic is free, investors put a great deal of effort into it. Improving it means getting ahead of your competition and achieving a greater rank.

As Danny Wong points out, organic search traffic also increases your credibility. A user’s preferred search engine suggested your site was one among what can seem like an infinite number of results that may actually help that user uncover quality answers to her query.

Moreover, two of the graphics he shared suggest that Google takes the lead in organic search traffic, while Yahoo, Bing,, AOL are four among the greatest.




Thought Leadership

Arthur Hilhorst shows that Influencers drive content marketing optimization. Writing content while keeping an influencer in mind means that you won’t be addressing the customers first, but the influencer, thus you need to focus on them. Thought leadership is vital to content marketing because the influencers or thought leaders will enrich your content and share it to the customers, adding trust to your startup. As in any content marketing strategy, you need to take the correct decisions and make a plan. You should identify the right influencers and the key ones. They will amplify your message and they will help you spread your product.

 In conclusion: a few successful startups

According to TechCrunch Triblio is a startup that has raised $3.4 million in seed funding, NewsCreed has arrived at $25 million, Percolate at $24 million and Contently to $9 million. Do you still need to be convinced? Then let me put it straight: these companies all used the benefits of content marketing in their favour.

So, startups should know where to find their support. It lies in content marketing and SEO strategies. What do you think? Would you use content marketing to make your startup a successful one?



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