The benefits of niche marketing for your startup

18 Nov 2014
| Last update: 13 Apr 2017

The success of their startup is probably every entrepreneur’s aim. There are many strategies worth considering, such as content marketing and promoting on social media, gaining finance from VCs, angel investors or crowdfunding, but today’s post will discuss the benefits of niche marketing for your startup. Focusing on a specified and targeted group of people who have a built-in interest, an inherent need or a real desire for your product/idea/project could be just what you need to succeed.

niche marketing for your startup

Niche marketing vs. mass marketing

Unlike mass marketing, niche marketing means the type of marketing addressed to the needs and desires of a smaller market. This can be extremely useful for a small business, or for an early stage startup, but it is also a strategy put to good use by long-established successful companies. It is not the only strategy of success you could use, but taking into consideration that today there are a lot of startups and companies built, and people have interests in such a variety of fields, niche marketing for your startup can be exactly what you’re missing on. On his great blog Startup Internet Business Acceleration, PV Reymond, writes about profitable niches. “These <<niches>> can be geographic areas, a specialty industry, a demographic or ethnic group, a specific gender group, or other special groups of people.”

Success through niche markets for startups

Niche marketing is not about constraining your perspective and not seeing the broad picture anymore. I think you should never disconsider the strategies applicable to mass marketing, but what you need to do is focus your attention. You should market your product or service to a particular segment in the market. In other words you need to pay attention to the details and carefully select your target audience or buyer persona. Don’t address every customer out there! What you should do is shift your attention from general to specific. How to do it?

  • Do some research. Think about what niche marketing for your startup should involve. Brainstorm the benefits, uses and the value of your idea/product/project. Find out who your target audience is.  You can make a detailed check-list and ask yourself questions of age, gender, culture, social status, interests, hobbies, etc.
  • Define your individuality. This is very important if you think you are addressing a narrow segment of the market. Your product is not for all and sunder. So, you need to know for sure what your product is all about. What it offers to your customers, what benefits, value and of what use it can be for them. But don’t stop here! Remember: you go from general to specific. That’s why you need to design your product in a unique and appealing way. You need to make a statement on the market, to make them remember you when they see your logo or they hear your name.
  • Promote your product uniquely. What I mean is you should take special care of your clients and promote your product and interact on social media, by paying special attention to them. By finding out their interests you’ll know how to win them. You want them to be not only one-time buyers, but loyal clients and fans in the long run. So, you can customize your messages (because you don’t want to sound like a robot), listen and respond to their feedback, give them rewards for their fidelity and constantly engage with them. By doing so you could gain positive reviews and testimonials, which will show that your startup is trustworthy.

 Why choosing niche marketing for your startup?

PV Reymond gives us a clear reason: “In marketing to a small niche you gain an area of specialty, you are able to demonstrate a clearer and precise image.” You’re not going to be Jack of all trades, master of none. You’ll be able to stand for who you are and define clearly your aims, future interests and how you’re standing in the long run. “The narrower your niche, the easier your chances of establishing yourself as the authority in that niche.” Being an authority as Reymond observes, is great, because you become a name and when clients hear about you, they come to you. If you are referred to someone new, they will know what you do and if you suit their plans. While it’s not the only strategy you could use for ensuring your startup’s success, it’s a good one, and this could be seen in its benefits. Let’s take a look:

You can establish solidly in a niche

This is a major advantage I would say. While there are large companies addressing more or less the general public, and companies that are the movers and shakers in mass market, you could build and develop your startup on solid ground by niche marketing. You could also have business background in the sector you want to promote your startup, which is very useful. You’ll be able to break through market faster and easier.

You can become an authority

This is an obvious advantage. It will draw people to you, build their trust in your company and make them loyal. You’ll be easier heard-off and if you think that news travels fast in a small world, you won’t remain a nobody in your field. The people with interests in your field will come to you, because they know that your SPECIFIC product is suited for their SPECIFIC needs. As I’ve already mentioned, you can also build a name for yourself, so that people will always remember you when they hear about your product.

You can create a specific product/idea/project

In his list of 7 advantages of niche marketing, PV Reymond gives us an important benefit:” it lets you come up with your own unique product. Your unique product is what the customer needs and this is something that is not available elsewhere.” As I’ve said, your audience will know you are perfect for them.

Less competition

I think PV Reymond is right about this advantage. You won’t compete with the big guys that have been on the market for years and have already established themselves as authorities, have built their clientele, but you’ll compete with smaller companies, and by addressing a specific segment you’ll appeal more to people’s specific needs and desires, and maybe you’ll draw people from a general marketer to you, because you are giving them exactly what they need.

What about money?

niche marketing for your startup

First of all, niche marketing helps you save money. Why? Because you only promote your product/idea/startup to a target audience, so you don’t need to make advertising campaigns or content marketing strategies for all people, but just for a limited range. Secondly, you will increase your sales ratio, because you’ll draw people to you, especially because you are so specific. PV Reymond puts it clearly: “If your product is situated in the right niche, the phrase <<the product sells itself>> becomes true. When that happens, you will make considerable profits while working less.”

Are you in for niche marketing for your startup?

Don’t rush into it if you are not prepared. Think carefully if this is the winning strategy for your startup. I encourage you to try as many ideas as seem fit. Would you try it out? If you’ve already done, what were the results?        

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  • Caleb

    November 30, 2014 at 7:35 PM

    It is basically like this you may not be able to sell it to everyone but you can definitely sell to a select few. And though it may seem contrary but you actually have a wider selection of choices with a narrowed down niche marketing.

    • Ana Darstaru

      January 12, 2015 at 4:36 PM

      You are absolutely right! Thanks for your comment, Caleb!

  • Camelia

    December 4, 2014 at 2:13 PM

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    • Ana Darstaru

      January 12, 2015 at 4:35 PM

      Thank you, Camelia! We’re glad you enjoy our posts!