The CEO of Squirrly Was a Mentor at Startup Pirates Cluj

13 Feb 2014
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015

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As you could have seen from your interactions with us, here at the Squirrly HQ we really love to help people and the CEO of Squirrly is very deeply involved in helping the entrepreneurs from Cluj-Napoca develop a great eco-system for startups.

That’s why Squirrly Sponsored WordCamp Transylvania last year, it’s why we build the Content Marketing classes for you and send them out for free. It’s a pleasure to connect, to teach and share ideas.

More than that, you can see on our team page some of the people we collaborate with in order to help more businesses be developed in Cluj.

One of our Core Values sais: Always win by helping others win

We stick to it, and that’s why our team is present at different events, helping people from the local community to realize their dreams and be successful at what they plan to do.

That’s why Florin accepted the invitation to become a mentor at the event, along with some big names in the Startups Scene, some of whom I’d like to mention here:

– Philipp Kandal, the CTO of Skobbler, recently aquired in a big Deal by Telenav. Philipp is one of Squirrly’s investors and board members.

– Neil Patel, the Co-Founder of KissMetrics and Crazy Egg, who also made last year a very nice video on how to use the SEO Live Assistant from Squirrly.

Customer Validation Workshop

Being the CEO of Squirrly and making the company break-even in just 7 months, took a lot of knowledge from Florin, that he really doesn’t just hide away or keep it to himself.

During the Startup Pirates event he held a 2-hour workshop on how to validate different aspects of your business model. The participants were really excited by some of the stories he had to tell and by the way he approached Customer Development when starting Squirrly.

Florin Muresan


You can see more about Florin’s activity on his blog ( that sometimes manages to be updated 🙂 )

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