The Inbound Marketing Journey into Dark Waters

The Inbound Marketing Journey into Dark Waters

11 Feb 2014
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015
Alexandra Nicola

Alexandra Nicola

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Alexandra Nicola

As many have described it before the inbound marketing is a journey or a process, not a final destination. Recommended it should be a continues adventure on the always changing water of SEO. Pretty much as a pirates journey on the Dark Waters, where you try to be on the Giants good graces as much as possible.

What it takes to become a pirate of the SEO waters ?

First of all you need is the courage to stand out in the inbound marketing world. As all pirates that did not agree with the rules and were not afraid to show that they believed differently. So should you. This is important from two major points.

The first one is that the uniqueness of your content is what will make your site have a larger audience that will read your article. People appreciate when they find a different approach in the presentation of your ideas. That simple comparison can entertain them or make everything make sense. Also it is important to believe and present your opinion. Even if your believe is contradictory to the majority of the influencers in the inbound marketing world, present it with arguments and people will listen. The real pirates will even comment.

On the second hand being unique has a advantage for the SEO of your site as well. It prevents you from having duplicates. If you expose your opinion in your own way, with your own idea the possibility to have a duplicate in your site or on the internet is slim to none. Even so with Squirrly you can check inside your site before realising your creation into the inbound marketing environment. In this article you can find more about how you take a quick look on the other materials on the same subject inside your blog.

Embarking on the Inbound Marketing Journey

Now that you have established that you arrr a SEO pirate at heart, let’s see what these adventure called inbound marketing has in stored for you. As all grate pirates you need a ship with a mighty name and fearful sail. What I am referring to is the brand that you are working under. It might seam trivial at first glance but having a good name and a representative logo is important. If establish your self as a brand is one point you need to work on, you can find more about it from distility.

inbound marketing journey

What you also need is a well build crew that can adapt to the changing waters. You hire pirates, one at a time, each of them specialised on one particular things, from Content creation to Social Media Strategy. Don’t forget that they need to work as a team to stir this boat and conflicts are bound to appear.  You can choose to hire a captain with his whole crew, also known in the inbound marketing as an agency. Don’t forget that even if the captain decides the best round ahead, you still choose each port in which your ship to stop.

The number of people, you need in your team is decided by how big the site is or you want it to become. But don’t forget, there are a few that just want to get from one port to another, and they are willing to work for it. Taking guest posts from the ones are willing to give you content is a great idea. Be sure that the articles you receive are at the same quality level as your site.

A little rum might make it fun

It wouldn’t be an adventure if it would not be a extraordinary experience. And that’s what you have to create for your audience. Make sure you entertain your readers and your team. To understand why it is important to share your rum and entertainment with both, find out more about all the types of audience your site has without you even knowing.

Interesting ideas for entertain your audience can be creating podcasts. Presenting your ideas in a video might be also a good idea or creating an infographic. The type of content you need to be creating for attracting a larger number of people is determined once you understand who is your audience. Once you have established that you’ll also know what social media platform as the ones you need to be more active on.

So if your a true SEO pirate that has taken sale on the inbound marketing adventure, tell us your story in the comment section. Can’t wait to here them all. ARR

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