The Many Business Uses of iBeacon Software

26 May 2015
| Last update: 22 Aug 2017

It’s official: iBeacon software is starting to revolutionize industries and change the way most businesses operate. Not to say this is a bad thing. Not only will it help business owners turn larger profits and improve the popularity of their businesses, but it will also benefit customers by enriching the experience they have when visiting and shopping at certain establishments.

Consumers and business owners alike view iBeacon software in a good light. Increasingly more companies are jumping on the bandwagon, taking advantage of the benefits this technology has to offer. There are plenty of inventive uses to be found for iBeacons no matter what field of activity your business operates in. Take retailers for example. They’ve started using iBeacon software to find ways of providing the best shopping experience for their customers. But it doesn’t stop there. See how other businesses are making use of this great technology:

1. Bars and pubs can use iBeacon software to turn larger profits.

These establishments are not only able to use iBeacon technology to improve the customer experience, but they can also use it to develop brand-new networking relationships. Think it’s far-fetched? A pub in London already did this. The owners bought subscriptions to some digital magazines and through the use of iBeacon software, they gave their customers the ability to read the magazines in question for free while on their premises. Of course, when the clients left their free subscriptions were locked.

This business idea can generate profitable results. If someone on the street wants to pop in for a beer and an excellent read, they can. This tactic won’t lead to people abusing the free subscription offered by the pub. It will subconsciously convince them to buy a subscription once they leave the area. It’s a win-win for both bar and digital magazine owners. iBeacon software got the pub new clients and the magazines more subscribers.

2. The hospitality industry is making great use of iBeacon technology.

By placing iBeacons throughout the premises, hotel managers have managed to make the tourist experience more enjoyable. The main idea behind this is to save tourists as much time as possible. This concept includes everything from checking-in to ordering food. Clients will no longer have to fill out a lot of paperwork and wait in line for minutes on end.

iBeacon software can improve the hospitality industry.

Furthermore, iBeacon software will allow hotels to offer their clients immediate access to useful information and discounts for newcomers or tourists who have decided to use their services once more.

3. Restaurants are using iBeacons to their advantage.

Various restaurants are using iBeacons to allow their customers to pay through a simple app. The app also lets them keep a close eye on their bar tab, thus eliminating the constant need to worry that they ordered more than they can afford.

Restaurants can even use this technology to offer newcomers access to information about the menus, the venue’s history and calorie listings. The latter will win them points with the health-conscious crowd.

Find Other Creative Ways to Put This Software to Good Use

The list for iBeacon software uses goes on and on, so you won’t be limited to the ideas you’ve seen on this list. Nothing stops you from finding other ingenious methods of making use of this technology to make your business prosper. If you’re still not sure what to think, visit our website and blog. You’ll find all the information you need on how to integrate iBeacon software into your business plan.



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