Team Building: The Marshmallow Challenge And How It Worked For Us

28 Jan 2014
| Last update: 19 Oct 2016

I’m pretty sure you are wondering what team building and marshmallows have in common. And I have to add some spaghetti to this team building recipe.

marshmallow challenge

The Marshmallow Challenge

This is what spaghetti and marshmallows have in common.

Don’t believe us: see this Ted Talk

Now, let’s see:

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How Did The Marshmallow Challenge Work for the Squirrly Team?

I hope you’ve already read the article about Games and Houses at Squirrly.There you’ll find out that the Squirrly team got squirrly this year. We’re having some amazing games at the office which help us engage more and, of course, which increase our productivity.

So, here we are, with the second game for the Squirrly Team. Normally, it should only be next month, but because all the team was so excited about this idea, we decided to have a game every two weeks. Sounds fun, right?

This week, we have two games interspersed. One is from the latest Game Master, Florin, and the second one is from the actual Game Masters, Alexandra and Calin.

For Florin’s Game, we had to think of you and how we can make you happier with Squirrly. It was quite fun to try and put ourselves in your shoes. But, I’m not going to tell what surprises we have prepared for you. If you want to stay tuned in to all the surprises we have for you, subscribe to the newsletter and we’ll keep you posted.

For Alexandra’s and Calin’s Game, it’s a little more complicated. Each of them prepared us a game. Calin wanted to teach us Team Building and Alexandra, well, I don’t know yet, because we received just one part of her game. Till now we have to escape from a room. I know we are squirrly, but we are not trying to escape from emergency rooms. Anyway, let’s go back to Calin’s Game.

Team Building with Spaghetti and Marshmallows

Each team had to build a tower only with spaghetti, marshmallows and duct tape, in just an hour. And all the spaghetti had to be whole, not broken. The highest tower won the points.

team building marshmallow challenge

Oh, no… how could I forget that? Do you know Florin’s first reaction when he saw the marshmallows? yeah, he started eating them. Luckily enough, Calin stopped him, otherwise we would’ve lacked in one of the ingredients for our marshmallow challenge game.

So, each of us had to build his/her tower. Unfortunately, Florin is still alone in his team, and his chances to have the biggest tower were quite low. Cristina and I began in the same team, and it was quite easy. It was enough just for one of us to have the tower bigger than Florin’s. So, basically, my team had one competitor, and Florin had two.

team building awesomeness

Even so, we decided to have fun building our towers. I started with a small tower, but a safe one. Did I mention that the towers had to stay up till the end of the team building session? Yep, they had to be up for the measuring. So, I built a small tower, but a safe one. Florin tried some square base and then went up, almost double of its size (a normal size is a spaghetti whole size). Cristina tried to make a triangle base and then went up almost third time of its size.

So, I could have chosen to let my tower like that and remain on the last place, or I could have tried to make a bigger tower and increase my team’s chances for winning. I think you already know what I’ve chosen. So, I started to make my tower bigger. It was really hard to make the spaghetti stick together and to carry a marshmallow on the top. But, after one hour, our towers were finished. Florin’s Tower was like the The Atom from Brussels and Cristina’s Tower was like the Eiffel Tower. Here are our towers created during the marshmallows challenge:

marshmallows challenge team activity

Unfortunately, Cristina’s Tower was up when the time was over, but when Calin went to measure it, it fell down. So her tower was out of the competition. But my tower was still in. If you want us to light up your news feed don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter. So, here are the results:

Cristina’s Tower: 0cm (if it hadn’t fallen, it would have had 67cm)

Andreea’s Tower: 57cm

Florin’s Tower: 45cm

Now, I’m really happy I chose to make my tower bigger. Otherwise, my team would’ve lost.

Even Călin made a tower from spaghetti and marshmallows. Here is his tower:

fun marshmallow challenge ted talk

Conclusion of our very own marshmallow challenge:

Team Building and Marshmallows have to stick together to have a bigger impact on the world 🙂