The Most Awesome Productivity Apps You Need To Install On Your Phone

02 Jul 2015
| Last update: 25 Aug 2017

Your phone is probably your most important asset during the day. You use it to make calls, to text, to get to a certain address using Google Maps, to take photos, and lastly to waste time browsing on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

At the same time, your smartphone can be a great assistant, and it can definitely help you be more focused thanks to productivity apps.

If you’ve never used such apps before, or if you have, and you’re looking for new ones to try out, then this list will come in handy for you.


1. Wunderlist

Everyone makes lists, or will need to make a list at some point. This app has a simple, easy to understand interface. You can organize lists on topics, you can share your lists, comment on them, set reminders, and even attach photos to your lists.

2. Letterspace

This is a fun app for taking notes. Instead of using the boring default one that comes with every smartphone, you can use Letterspace. You can organize your ideas by using hashtags, and it has a cool function that lets you swipe the cursor in order to move it, which makes editing your notes so much easier.

3. Paper

Paper is a great app for those that are graphic designers, but not exclusively. Unfortunately, this app is available only on iPad, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Let’s say you’re a graphic designer, you have your iPad with you, and suddenly you get this amazing idea for a logo or for an ad that you’ve been dreading for a while. The problem is that you’re not exactly near your computer. But you do have your iPad. Thanks to Paper you can now sketch out your idea.

4. Evernote

Evernote is the bomb of productivity apps. So many people use it, and for good reason. You can use it on your phone, desktop, and on your PC as well. You can take notes with this app, store photos, web pages, lists, clips, or even PDF files. It’s also great, because it has a search feature, that can be accessed from whatever device you’re using.

5. Pocket

productivity apps

We’re all busy during the day, and we don’t have always time to read the news, no matter how much we’d like to. With Pocket, you can save the articles you want to read for later, videos, and images, so that you don’t miss a thing. You can even read the articles in offline mode.

6. Mailbox

Mailbox will help you clean your inbox. With just one swipe, you can snooze emails, and they will appear in your inbox again at a time you’ve chosen (like next week, tomorrow morning). With Mailbox, you can also manage your emails, by muting them, sending them to an archive, to trash, or organize them into lists. It’s amazing what a swipe can do these days.

Productivity Apps Simplify Your Life

You never know how much productivity apps can help you when you’re so busy, until you’ve actually tried a few.

Have you heard or tried the apps I mentioned above? Let me know what other apps would you recommend.

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