The Power of Friendship in internet marketing

30 Sep 2013
| Last update: 08 Dec 2014
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Friends are those people that will believe in you and your dreams no matter what. They will help you achieve them. And what easier way to help you if not in the field of internet marketing.

There are many ways your friends can help out. Nowadays everyone is part of the internet. Be it with their share’s on Facebook or twitting about their interest. We interact with our friends all over the planet, more often using the world wide web.

And being your friends they have many common interests that can help you with your internet marketing strategy. Here are just 4 ideas on how your friends can help you:

Two Squirrles discussing Internet Marketing while enjoying a cup of coffee1. They make the best ambassadors of your brand

Just like when your wingman brags about you at the cute girl at the bar, he can do the same thing in internet marketing. If what you do on the internet is something inventive or just connected to one of his interests, he will most likely share your work. He will sometimes share your links because he considers them interesting. Why not ask him to do this on a regular basis for you?

This will help your content because it will be shared, twitted and re-twitted and will make all his contacts aware of your activity. You might be a friend away from a community that needs and wants you and your product.

2. Getting constructive feedback in internet marketing

Inevitably you will ask yourself what they think of your work. If you consider that they have a competent opinion, suggest writing it in a comment. It might stir up conversation on your page and you want to hear their opinion anyway, why not do it online.

Wake up with new leads from the content you publish.


This can be done even by the friends that don’t know that much about the field you work in. You want the content you use in your internet marketing strategy to be easy to understand  by anyone. There are not many people that might be potential customers, whose opinion you can’t ask. So no matter how much they know about your work field they should read your articles and give feedback on how easy it was to understand what you wrote.

3. Chat about your work online

The next idea requires your friends to really be into your work to make it easy and simple for them.

If you work in internet marketing you can have conversations with your friends about the problems you are facing. Questions will come up and you can answer them with your own solutions. Either by showing them the solution you used in your site (with a link of course) or showing them something you wrote about how you faced that problem.

You most likely already do this in your private messages and emails. But if you make these conversations public a number of people facing the same problem can read it and access the links. Also this is profitable for both you and your friend, because conversations go both ways. They can promote their solutions as well.

4. The friendly & hard-working squirrel on the playground

Taking what I wrote in the previous tip a step forward would be guest blogging. In this case the friends you have when starting your activity in internet marketing will probably not be best suitable. But hey! be a friendly squirrel and make new friends in your field. Just like on YouTube where people that vlog make videos together and post them on both channels. It’s sort of the same thing.

You find people that discuss the same things as you. You get yourself involved in their communities and on their blogs, and you find something interesting that you’d have to say on their site and you send them an email about the idea. If you interacted with them before, in comments, and they like what and how you write, they will probably accept.

But for this you have to be a hard-working squirrel. The posts on your blog should have original content and good SEO. They might like your opinion but if your post harms his work in internet marketing, he might never accept.


Don’t forget to be friendly and helpful in all your activity regarding internet marketing. Just because you’re online doesn’t mean you should leave your personality at home.



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