The startup success story of a sneaker head: SPTERO Knows SB

25 Nov 2014
| Last update: 05 Oct 2015

This week’s startup success story is one of a kind. Reniel Monsale is just a sneaker head (i.e. A person who collects limited, rare, OG, or flat out exclusive kicks. Usually the collection consists of Jordans or Dunks. – Urban Dictionary ) who succeeded in selling more than a thousand pair of sneakers in less than a year. As you’ll find out they are not any kind of sneakers, but Nike’s SB. Why is this important and how did he manage to have a flourishing small business without being skilled in e-commerce, digital marketing or social media marketing? Let’s see straight away.

A startup success story on firm shoe soles

startup success story

Jason Bagio had the great opportunity to interview Reniel Monsale and he wrote a post about his thriving business. He views their talk as a privilege as well: “Having a chance to talk to this guy is really amazing, humble and down to earth kicks lover. Thanks for allowing me to do this post.”

Jason Bagio presents us a clear means of achieving success by following in Reniel Monsale foot-steps. I could add, you can wear a pair of Nike sneakers too, while you do that.

There are many lessons to learn from Reniel Monsale’s startup success story, especially because he did it all on his own, from pure instinct and passion for his idea and the sneakers. I believe that this is what all great entrepreneurs need to do.

A thriving small business

His collection started in 2009, while his business ideas only erupted in 2012. What I think was brilliant from the onset was that he addressed to a niche market( Read more about its benefits here…). He didn’t sell any type of shoes. First of all, that they were Nikes. Then, they weren’t any Nikes, but Nike’s SB. What’s so great is that he sold the shoes he loved. On his Facebook page you can see the benefits of selling the things you like: you have enriched knowledge about the product, more insight into its special features and traits, you also invest more effort and you search for quality and value.

He also succeeded as you’ll see on his FB page, because of his goal, which wasn’t to make money, but to spread the community and make sure that the sneakers reach their target audience. “I want to see others express themselves through their sneakers”.

This is additionally connected to his engagement on social media. Reniel has a Facebook community of +12000 people, and he is constantly engaging in it by giving advice to people and help them get the shoes they like, reviewing new sneakers and chatting.

Reniel is great, as Jason Bagio never fails to mention, because he remained a down-to-earth simple man. His logo, though simple and clear, manages to establish him as a successful small business.

The happiness of your customers is measured in the success of your startupstartup success story

This is one smart lesson to learn from Reniel. In the world of marketing, word travels fast if you know what to do. So, Reniel asked his happy customers to refer him to their friends. He also posted testimonials and customer reviews, because when people see others liked you, you become trustworthy to them. You become some-one in that particular field.

To me, this is a startup success story worth 5 stars. I think we can all agree with this. What do you think of Reniel Monsale’s lesson of success?

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