The Best SEO is White Hat SEO – Audio

04 Jul 2013
| Last update: 08 Dec 2014

Taking a close look at internet marketing forums, twitter, google+ communities, etc, you will see that everyone is asking what the best SEO is.Until 2012, it was common practice to play around with the Dark Arts of SEO. Having said that, I feel I must confess: I did that too. Not because everybody else was doing it, but because it seemed like a good idea. As you know “Great Power comes with Great Responsibility”.

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Now the big bomb: it wasn’t even Great Power! Black Hat SEO is wrong on so many levels, yadda yadda, but the most important thing to know about it is this: Black Hat SEO campaigns never last. The google inquisitors eventually find your campaigns and burn them, and it’s very hard to recover from that. After March 2012, it became even harder.

The Best SEO is White Hat SEO.

This was true 10 years ago, and it’s also true today. It’s just that the other things seemed shinier and smarter (boy we were wrong!). Here’s an audio about my webinar with Mike, the SEO Alien, about the Future of SEO. Enjoy:

here you can see the webinar 🙂

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