The Misguided belief that you can skip the "getting to know the reader" part of your online business blog

28 May 2013
| Last update: 08 Dec 2014
The focus of everyone who’s starting something up: a business, a blog, a club, etc. seems to be on what tactics to use, what new secret weapon there is that succesful people use to actually get readers, leads and generate sales.

Not one of the people I mentioned above (and I include my own self in that very same group) have a doubt that what needs to be done is to find the latest way in which to leverage facebook for your greedy needs. Or Twitter… or Youtube.. or Pinterest .. or a lot of other things that you know “work” for bigger companies, your competitors, the A-list bloggers.If you’ve ever seen the animation Kung Fu Panda (if you haven’t, then watching it is your homework, due tomorrow morning), then you know that the panda was handed out an Ancient Scroll that held within the secret of what it takes to become the Dragon Warrior (which was like becoming the ultimate warrior in all the lands). Now, when the panda finally opened the scroll to read it, the message was blank. – Blank – . Exactly like your expression right now.

There was no secret thing. There never is a secret thing.

I failed my first company that I built, because I thought there was a secret thing to do, that will get people interested in our offering. The company failed. Miserably. Even though our product was good.

I failed. So I learnt the really hard way that there is no secret. Imagine losing 2 years of your life, pulling off 70 hour work-weeks and all the money that you ever did have. Is this something that you want for yourself? If it’s tempting, then stop reading this bloody thing that I’m writing, you’re on the right track to utter failure. Click that x-y little button and get back to work.

You didn’t stop reading. Good, then let us move on.

It’s really Okay if you ever thought there was a secret. You have just been wrong, that’s all. And it’s also Okay to be wrong, as long as you learn the lesson that there is no secret lesson.

“There Is No Spoon”

You should take a moment here to realize the void of magic in trying to get your readers interested, and your prospects to buy. There is no spoon. It’s just you. And if you want to succeed, then YOU have to be the one that bends. Not the magical tactics and strategies you think exist out there that can bend to your will and help you keep your readers engaged, and your prospects buying.


So, how do you have to bend, since there is no “spoon” that you can bend?

You have to bend, by accepting the fact that the single most important part of ANY business, or of any blog, is the customer (you reader is also your customer, because you try to sell him your ideas).

Know your readers. Know your customers. This is not a magical thing that only a few people know. Everyone knows that they should know who they are trying to sell their ideas or products to.

This is not a secret. Everybody knows this. It’s even fairly easy to do. Yet, there are only few who do this, because everybody’s busy hunting for those “secret things”.

What are the real steps to follow if you want to build a real business or a real blog?

1) Know thy customers.

Getting to know your customers allows you to complete your FIRST and most important business objective.

2) Build.

The next objective is to figure out what you plan to offer to those customers. The offer should be very valuable for them. Build an offer.

3) Deliver.

Only after you have the previous two objectives in place, should you start wondering how to deliver the offer to your customers, or how to pull in customers to your offer. Here’s where you search for tactics and ways to hack facebook, SEO, etc.

Don’t focus on delivery when you have no one to deliver to. All the facebook hacks, the SEO hacks, the twitter hacks, the whatever hacks in the world won’t help you, if you focus on delivery before you focus on knowing your customer or reader.

Don’t skip the first step. The others won’t make any sense if you do. And you will fail: utterly, miserably, shamefully.

Just like many others before you, who thought it’s okay to skip the first step.

Bonus: if you already have readers or some people who actually paid for something you offered, get them to the nearest coffee house and spend some time figuring out who they are and what they need.

Then, you can focus on the offer you can make them. Then, the tactics by which you’ll attract more people like them and get them buying. Then, build your own empire, because now you know the secret that there is no secret.
There are only customers and what they need + what they care about. Get to know them, and make them care about you.
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